Felt vs. Wools: What’s The Difference

Pile of wool balls

A few things in common, alongside distinctions, regarding the felt vs. wools comparison.  Felt is a clothing material generated from matted fibers condensation and pressing together. Wool, on the other hand, is also a form of clothing material.  You can extract its fibers from mammalian animals like sheep, rabbits, camelids, goats, etc. Many people sometimes …

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Cashmere Vs. Merino Wool: Which Is Better?

Girl wearing a merino wool sweater

Cashmere vs. merino wool is arguably the world’s most luxurious and sought-after material. They are highly famed for their moisture-wicking properties, warmth, softness, and durability. However, while they share a few similar features, they have distinctive differences that make them unique.  First, cashmere wool comes from the cashmere goat, while merino wool comes from the …

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