Do Wool Balls Relieve Static: How Does It Work?

About Do Wool Balls Relieve Static? In cold seasons like winter, several people encounter static currents in their clothes, which can be uncomfortable. This discomfort has led people to ask, “Do wool balls relieve static?”

As a result, most people specifically look for wash products that can help relieve static current flow on their dresses.

This search for static relieving laundry items has made some people end up purchasing items that are not safe health-wise.

With this discovery of wool balls that can relieve static current, you can now let go of the chemically compressed dryer sheets and use naturally safe woolen balls.

This guide will answer that pressing question on most people’s minds and give directions on how to proceed.

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What Exactly is Static?

Result of static electricity

(Result of static electricity)

Static is an inequality of electrical current found inside or on the outer part of a cloth or of two clothes.

This static current doesn’t release on its own. It requires a medium through which the electric current can diffuse out of the clothes.

Static current can build up when your clothes get working in the dryer. 

Static current on your clothes causes a “static shock” sensation from a neutralized current charge.

So, you need to comprehend if machine dryer balls can help to prevent a build-up of static current on your garments.

How Do Dryer Balls Prevent Static?

Dryer balls placed within a dryer

(Dryer balls placed within a dryer)

Naturally, the rubbing together of two items can cause a release of static current.

Clothes put to dry in the machine are prone to witnessing a build-up of static, most especially when you over-dry them.

Hence, the longer your clothes stay in the dryer will likely generate static flow.

As dryer balls help to shorten the expected time your clothes need to dry, they will automatically aid in relieving the generated static current.

Also, dryer balls tend to leave your dryer feeling moisturized, another way to relieve static.

What Natural Methods Worked to Reduce Static Cling?

Although wool balls can relieve static current charge on your clothes, other more natural ways work perfectly.

You may wonder what these natural methods are, as wool dryer balls are also 100% natural. 

The natural methods here are easy steps and measures you can take at home to relieve the discomfort of static cling.

These three methods are natural and devoid of hazardous effects on your skin or the environment.

Also, the natural methods here are not chemicals and have been proven the best remedy for static cling.

(A static-prone fabric)


People with dehydrated skin naturally have a charge of positive electrical current.

If you are such a person, and you put on a freshly dried nylon material top that has a negative electrical charge, it will cling to your skin.

To remedy this problem, you need adequate moisture.

You can moisturize your clingy clothes by lightly applying lotion to about 95% of your cloth from the side touching your skin.

You can also apply the lotion on your skin for a more desired effect.

Using this easy moisturizing method, you can naturally relieve static cling on your garments.

Hang Dry Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic materials are usually known for attaching themselves to different materials in the dryer.

Synthetic materials include spandex, nylon, microfiber, polyester, and fleece.

These types of materials are more prone to generating static electricity than other types of materials. 

Separately drying your synthetic fabrics is the ideal way to eliminate static current naturally.

Static usually builds up from using the dryer for prolonged periods.

So, with you hanging your garments, you do not need to bother about static current. No friction occurs with the hanged clothes; hence, there won’t be any static.

Mist with water

Usually, water removes static current from your overly-dried clothes, hence the wool balls.

You can quickly get rid of this static charge by filling up a bottle with water, then using a mist spraying cover to cover it and spray this mist onto your clingy clothes.

Spraying mist onto your clothes dispels any form of static that may have developed on your clothes.

Also, this mist spraying method is one of the easiest and most natural ways to relieve the static cling.

(Clothes drying through hanging)

Remember, even without using a wool ball, you can still prevent the issue of static clinging to your clothes with the above natural methods.

All you need to do is remember the keywords; moisturize, hang dry synthetic fabrics, and mist with water. 

By remembering these key points, you can happily say goodbye to the issue of static cling.

So, you can then enjoy wearing your clothes comfortably.


Getting rid of static current in your laundry is possible with the use of dryer balls. These balls speed up drying, preventing static current from building up.

Also, it adds moisture to your dryer, thereby achieving the mist method of naturally relieving static from your synthetic clothing fabrics.

Lastly, the wool balls help detach your garments from rubbing amongst themselves within the dryer, hence diffusing any form of electric static.

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