Felt Fabric Uses- You Would Be Surprised at What Felt Can Do!

Let’s talk about the felt fabric uses! From clothing and decoration to toys, felt is pretty much everywhere! Felt has the most interesting history, as the fabric has many origins.

One says that felt came from Asia about 5000 years ago, while another says that it came from the Middle Ages when nomads used it for comfort and warmth in shoes.  And we still use it for this purpose to this day. 

In our modern day, felt has a variety of functions. Let’s learn about the different uses of felt.

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What is Felt Fabric?

Felt is a shiny fabric and has lots of textile fibers. The raw material for this amazing fabric is usually wool or another type of fur from an animal.

This is the old-fashioned way of making felt, but now it can even include materials such as rayon and acrylic. 

Wool felt is flame-retardant, so flames cannot survive on it.

This property makes it perfect for making clothes.

Felt also possesses other qualities, which include absorbent, moisture-wicking, and sound-dampening (reduces noise).

Manufacturers make felt without weaving or knitting. They make it by applying water, heat and pressure. 

Manufacturers would usually include natural or synthetic fibers in the process to make matted felt fabric.

Then, they cut and shape the felt to make whatever you want, such as hats, boot liners, and crafting

Usually, they use wool to make felt but remember that these fabrics are different.

Wool felt is popular, but throwing in other synthetic fibers, such as polyester, can improve the felt.

This depends on what you’re using it for. The felt will have more flexibility and durability, making it suitable for certain uses. 

For example, adding rayon removes the itchy feeling on the skin. 

felt crafts

(felt crafts)

What is Felt Fabric Used For?

Felt has a variety of uses. Here are some common uses. 


Driving your car vibrates a lot, but you don’t feel this because of the felt.

It is in the body part of the car, so it reduces the vibration, and everything stays put.

The engine also has felt inside to ensure nothing comes loose and keeps dirt away.

felt boots

(felt boots)

Musical Instruments

Speaking of avoiding vibrations, did you know that felt is important in the music industry?

You would see this within drum set-ups, so the sound is “clean.”

Felt is super important; without it, the music will sound out of tune!

Felt is also present under the piano and inside the hammers to increase its lifetime and keep the notes sounding good. 

Decoration and Furniture

Many modern homes have felted chairs and wing chairs in various colors.

It is the perfect fabric for different decorations and designs because of its eye-catching colors and elegance. 

Kids Toys

Since felt is soft, it is a good fabric to include in kids’ toys.

You would find felt in many puppets, dolls, and other toys because it is safer than other materials such as metal and plastic.

Your kids can also use felt for crafts by cutting it with safety scissors. 

Noise Control

Like mentioned before, felt is excellent at controlling vibration. With this, it can also reduce noise and sound transfer.

The overall felt composition makes it perfect for squeaking and whistling doors and other objects.

So next time you have an annoying noise in your home, try a piece of felt!

felt texture

(felt texture)

Women Accessories

It is not uncommon to see felt in many accessories for women.

This includes hair pieces, purses, handbags, and shoes. Felt is water-resistant, so it is present in many handbags.

So you don’t have to worry about your bag getting damaged the next rainy day. 


Photography includes basic elements, line shape, form, texture, color, size, and depth.

Using some or all of these elements creates a good photo. This is where felt comes in.

You can use felt for texture and color, both in the look of the picture and the actual picture.

Felt also makes a good background for taking pictures. 

felt pieces for jacket

(felt pieces for jacket)


Felt fabric is environmentally friendly, not to mention an all-around flexible and durable fabric.

It can be anything you want! You can use felt for many different things and make other products.

Don’t forget to include felt in your next DIY craft, or consider it part of your clothing collection.

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