Felt – How to Use This Magical Material in 10 New Ways

Felt is a durable and versatile material used in many industries, such as music, automotive, and fashion. It is also a popular choice for DIY and group projects as it gives plenty of room to display creativity.

Would you like to find out some of the most unexpected uses of wool felt? Take a look at the ideas below, and discover new ways how to use this amazing material!

Wool felt and felting tools

Chapter 1.    Book and Photo Album Covers

Photo album with a felt background

Do you have a favourite book? If the answer is yes, you want to keep it in perfect shape for as long as possible. How about placing wool felt cover around it? That will protect the original book covers, and add a personalized touch. You will have the opportunity to decorate the covers any way you see fit. Felt covers can also be a great solution for all books that are not in mint condition anymore.

Apart from books, you can also wrap photo albums in felt covers. It is also a great way to express creativity and personalize your albums. Feel free to use felt of different colors, and add various decorations depending on the theme of the album.

If you have only returned from a vacation at the seaside, blue and yellow can be the best colour choices. You can also go with a white cover if the album is from your skiing trip, or go with green if the photos inside were made during camping.

Chapter 2.    Felt Wall Panels

Felt panel pieces

It’s not news that people are placing wallpapers on their walls to make them unique. However, as time passes, decorators use different materials for wallpapers, and there is no reason why felt can’t be one of them.

Felt is an excellent insulator, and it can provide fine sound protection. You can choose between different colors, and add decorative pieces to your wall easily. All that makes felt a great choice for your wall panel. As long as you are creative enough, it can be a real masterpiece and turn any wall decoration dreams you have into reality.

You do not have to put felt on the entire wall. If you feel it fits better with your décor, you can only put in one of the corners. That way, you will get a special section where you can hang decorations or other special items.

Chapter 3.    Artistic Furniture

Felt furniture fabric

While you are decorating your room, consider felt the furniture. Felt pieces are an amazing choice to put below the chair’s legs to avoid them scratching the floor. But you can also use this material to wrap the furniture completely. It is an excellent way to protect the items and refresh their appearance.

Professional artists, such as Nicole Chazard Telaar from France, have accepted using wool felt in their interior projects. We can thank them for spreading the word about felt furniture. You can choose between the classic single-colour design, or go with multiple colour variations, and even stitch photos and other items to the felt. The beauty lies in the fact that you can do almost anything as long as you like the way décor looks.

You don’t have to stop with the furniture because felt can be a fantastic choice for wrapping chandeliers, and you can even create light decorations from scratch.

Chapter 4.    Mobile Phone Protection

Felt mobile phone protective case

You paid a lot of money for your smartphone, but you know that accidentally dropping it might lead to breaking the screen and other huge damage. It is why you should do everything in your power to protect the device, and making a felt phone sleeve is one of the options.

Why would you make a protective case when you can buy one? The main reason is that you can adapt it to your requirements, and design it the way you want. That doesn’t only include aesthetics because you can also add multiple pockets of different sizes.

We already mentioned that wool felt is a durable material, which implies that it will do a good job in protecting your phone. On top of that, you will have an eco-friendly design and show that you care about our planet.

Chapter 5.    Felt Jewelry

Felt wool necklace

If you like wearing unique and handmade necklaces and other jewellery items, felt is perfect for adding that personalized touch to any accessory. You can use an existing silver necklace to add details made of felt to it. But you can also design everything from scratch, and create unique jewellery that will perfectly fit your style.

You may think that felt jewellery is not suitable for formal events or special occasions, but that’s not true. Many premium designers use felt like one of the materials in their jewellery pieces. As long as you fit the accessories with your clothing, you can rest assured that you will impress everyone at the event.

Chapter 6.    Felt Boxes

Valentine’s Day boxes made of felt

Is there anything more useful to have around home than storage boxes? You can never have too many of these, but there is a catch. They need to be useful and look beautiful, too, especially if you plan on keeping them in the open.

Felt boxes give you total freedom in choosing the desired size, shape, and colour of the box. If you want to store jewellery pieces, a tiny classic box will do the trick. But if you want to store big items, you may need a large box. Adding felt to it can make it look unique and beautiful, and give you additional decoration options.

You can even surprise your loved one by buying some chocolates and placing them in a heart-shaped box you made. Pick some red felt and use it as a wrap, and the box will be soft and look dazzling, which guarantee to impress your partner.

Chapter 7.    Pencil Cases

Pencil case on a white background

Here is an excellent DIY project suggestion for kids – making pencil cases. Children are using various pencils in school, which is why a case is an excellent way to store them. You can pick felt material together and let them choose the desired colors.

Assist the children in making their first case, and allow them to store the pencils themselves. That may inspire them to keep all pencils in their places instead of losing them. That way, you can also save money on buying extra pencils. Aside from that, your kid will be proud to show the pencil case they made to all of his friends.

Chapter 8.    Clothes Decorations

Knitted sweater and felt hat

The fashion industry utilizes wool felt like an important material. You can find sweaters made of this material as they offer excellent insulation and can keep you warm during the winter. Apart from making entire clothing pieces, you can also add felt decorations to your existing clothing.

Men can think about adding elbow patches to their sweaters and shirts. It can be an excellent way to hide minor wear and tear while ensuring you look stylish.

Women might have a bit more freedom because they can add various decorations to their skirts, dresses, and blouses. Instead of wearing a badge of your favourite team, how about felting their logo into your clothing? You can turn a dull single-coloured skirt into a cheerful colour combination by using felt. The opportunities are endless, and it is only a matter of your creativity.

Chapter 9. Finger Puppets

Finger puppets made of felt

Do you have infants or small children in your home? Did you know that finger puppets can be an excellent way to keep them entertained? You do not have to waste a lot of money on purchasing finger puppets. All you need is a bit of felt and creativity.

You can easily make any character that you want to be the star of your next show. Animals like cows, sheep, and pigs shouldn’t take more than several minutes to make. Before you know it, you will have an entire farm of felt finger puppets. You can use them to teach your children about farm animals in a fun and entertaining way.

Chapter 10. Easter Eggs

Felt Easter Egg stylish ornament

The Easter is a special time of the year, and one of the traditions during the season is to paint and dye chicken eggs. People have taken that skill to the next level, and they are very creative in dying their eggs.

Why not try something new and exciting, and dress your egg in felt? It is an excellent opportunity to make your eggs look unique and decorate them any way you want. Picking between different colors, and using stitching to add decorations gives you a lot of room to be unique. If you are working with children, the egg itself can be of felt to ensure that they don’t’ break the real egg in the process.


As you can see, felt is an extremely versatile material. If you don’t limit your creativity, you will find that you can use felt in many areas of your life. The great thing about this material is that it comes in different colors, which gives you a lot of room for decoration.

Additionally, it is quite easy to learn how to work with felt. You can consider starting with simple projects, but as soon as you learn how things work, you can take on advanced challenges, too!

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