Why Black Felt More And More Loved By the People?

The fashion industry is innovative, and we see new trends every year. It is hard to keep up with all those changes, let alone stay ahead of them.

Felt is one of the oldest textiles ever. People used it millenniums ago for various purposes, including clothing. Today, it seems that felt clothes are making a big return. Let’s take a look at the reasons why black felt is shaping up to be a future fashion trend.

Girls wearing black dresses

Reason 1 Black Felt Never Goes Out Of Style

A stylish woman wearing a black dress

First of all, we need to clear up one thing about black color. It never goes out of style! If we take a trip through history, you will find that many stylish people wore black.

For example, Dutch merchants and Spanish nobility, which were both aristocrats in the 16th century, loved wearing black clothing.

You are probably not aware that the first fashion brand to introduce it was Chanel. Yes, we are talking about the famous little black dress. The women accepted it with delight, and you couldn’t stop the progress of this color’s popularity. Today, the statistics indicate that more than a third of the total number of dresses sold online are black.

As for felt, it is a material that managed to hold up for millenniums. Its origins go back to Asia, and you can find nomads that still use it as a primary material for many items.

Felt is extremely popular, and people throughout the world are using it today. Apart from the fashion industry, it also uses for art and craft projects, automotive parts, and many other applications.

Since we are focusing on the fashion industry, allow us to tell you that the popularity of felt fashion pieces has been present for centuries. There were times when felt was an extremely expensive material, but today it is accessible to everyone.

The affordable price is one of the reasons why this material is a future fashion trend. If you combine that with the always popular color, it is obvious that black felt can be a wise material choice.

Apart from the affordable rate, you can also expect a very durable material that’s resistant to fraying. Felt is extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear. If you go with a natural choice, such as wool felt, you can enjoy maximum comfort regardless of the season.

Reason 2 Black Felt Makes It Easier To Match

A woman wearing a black dress and red purse

Are you having problems matching colors from your wardrobe? If you want to make your job easier, you should get some black felt clothing.

Black is a color that goes with everything. It is much easier to match black with other colors because it goes with almost anything. And on days when you feel like it, nobody can stop you from wearing an all-black combination.

When we say that black felt goes with everything, we also imply that it is suitable for any occasion. Are you planning on heading out, but it is cold outside? How about putting on a black felt sweater to keep you warm and look elegant?

Do you have a formal event tomorrow? You can’t go wrong with wearing a felt dress that shows your strongest attributes. Black is a color that is suitable for any occasion and felt it is a very versatile material, which makes them a perfect combo.

Reason 3 Black Felt Will Make You Look Slimmer

Three women posing in black dresses

Each person is unique, and that’s the beautiful thing about this planet. Some people like wearing light colors, others prefer dark ones. But it’s not about wearing what you like, but wearing what fits you.

While light colors can be great if you are slim, they might not be the best choice if you have excess fat in belly areas. That is where black felt comes into play.

It is a material that can hide away your imperfections and make you look slimmer. If you gained a couple of extra pounds during the holidays, a black blouse or sweater could hide it away.

Reason 4 Black Felt Will Make You Look More Classy

Women wearing a black felt hat

Is there anything more elegant than a black dress? It always depends on the design and the person wearing it, but the black color is classy and suitable for any opportunity.

It is not easy to look elegant without investing too much money in your wardrobe. Felt is capable of ensuring that as the material is affordable, and it helps you to look classy. If you want to dazzle everyone and impress with your appearance, you can’t go wrong with this material.

Reason 5 Black Felt Suitable for Every Season

Gray felt sweater with a handmade button

Felt is a material that is suitable for every season. If you go with wool felt, you will benefit from its ability to keep you warm when it’s cold. The incredible insulation offered by this material makes it suitable for the winter. At the same time, felt is capable of preventing you from feeling hot in the summer.

Add to that the fact that you can find any black clothing and accessories you want, and you will realize that you can wear this material throughout the year. If it is winter, you can go with sweaters. During the summer, you can choose a fancy hat or jacket, and add a small felt purse for your belongings.

Reason 6 Black Felt Can Mix and Match with Other Accessories

Felt hats in a store

When we say fashion, we often think about shirts, blouses, and sweaters, but forget about accessories. Those who care about their style will always consider additional items like bags, hats, earrings, etc.

Black felt is the perfect material for a bag. You can express your creativity any way you like. Additionally, you can choose between different sizes, and they will look equally stylish.

Several centuries ago, only the members of high society could wear felt hats. Today, a felt hat can be a beautiful addition to your outfit.

As for the earrings, you can make your own or attach small black felt patches to make them stand out from the rest of the combination. You can also apply felt patches to your shirts or blouses.

Black felt goes well with any accessory. The color is versatile, and you shouldn’t have problems matching it with watches, bracelets, and any other jewelry.

Reason 7 Black Felt Is Resistant to Stains

Wine spilled over the white material stain

This has to do more with color than the felt material. You can’t find a color more resistant to stains than black. Here is an example.

Imagine that you are at a formal event in your company. Everyone’s drinking wine, and someone accidentally spills a glass over your dress. Now, if your dress is white, it is ruined forever. But if it is black, you can continue as if nothing happened because no one would notice.

If you think of it, it’s not about resistance to stains. It is only natural that spills can affect any material. However, black color is capable of covering most of the stains. That makes it the perfect choice for situations when you don’t want to risk anything going wrong with your outfit.

Reason 8 Black Felt is Very Friendly to the Environment

Eco-friendly stamp

You can find two types of felt on the market. The first one is synthetic, and it is human-made. The other alternative is wool felt, which we usually get from sheep. As you know, wool grows naturally on sheep, and we trim the animals once the wool is big enough.

The material is sustainable, which means that the sheep will grow new wool. At the same time, we can make durable felt that can last for years. Felt is an eco-friendly solution that lasts. If you go with this material, you will show that you take care of our planet. And every little contribution counts since the pollution issues are at a very high level.

Reason 9 Black Felt Will Make You Look Sexier

A blonde women wearing the long black dress

You could say that we saved the best for last. Here is one thing that you should know about black felt clothing – it can look sexy and attractive.

Women that are wearing felt dresses can look elegant and hot at the same time. It is the appearance you want to go with if you are looking to dazzle everyone with your looks.

That doesn’t mean men can’t use black felt to look more attractive. Felt hats are extremely popular, but you can also wear jackets to look classy and elegant. While we are on the topic, you can’t forget felt accessories that can make your entire outfit look better.


The secret of black felt lies in versatility. Felt is a durable material suitable for all occasions and seasons. At the same time, black is a universal color, and you can match it with other clothing pieces and accessories easily.

That is why we believe that black felt is a future fashion trend. You can already notice people wearing this material, which is why it is time to jump on board and try it!

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