Will You Make Cute Animals From Wool Felt? Come Here to Learn!

Wool felt is a natural, soft, and versatile material. It has numerous applications but felt craft is among the most popular ones. DIY enthusiasts worldwide make different things out of feeling, including animal toys. You can also see these group projects in other schools.

You can’t help but feel a sense of pride when you make something yourself. That is why we share guides on making different animal toys to surprise your child or practice your felting skills!

A child playing with felt toys

Chapter 1. What Animal Toys Can You Make with Wool Felt?

Wild animals made of wool felt gathered around tables

Here is the great news – there is nothing you can’t make with felt as long as you are creative enough! That includes various types and sizes of animals, such as chickens, dogs, cats, foxes, etc.

The projects we listed below don’t require a template but have different degrees of complexity. Some are suitable for children, but others tend to be more complicated. Some projects will be more accessible if you find a template online or purchase a specific kit. And Some projects will be more accessible if you find a template online or buy a particular kit. Some projects will be more accessible if you find a template online or buy specific equipment. Either way, you will need some basic needle felting skills, which is where this video can help.

Please keep reading to browse our choice of projects, and consider them only suggestions. Feel free to be creative to make an animal that perfectly suits your taste!

Chapter 2. How to Make DIY Small Round Animals Step By Step?

A round baby bird made of wool felt

When it comes to felting projects that involve making animals, you want to start slowly. You would surely like to make all your favorite animals immediately, but you will need some practice. That especially applies if you are a beginner that has never worked with felt before.

Here is an excellent guide that you should follow to make small round animals. Depending on your creativity, you can make elephants, bunnies, chickens, and other animals.

1. Let’s try to make a chicken first. You want to aim for a leafy-like shape that won’t be too big. Take two chunks of wool for wings and roll until you achieve the desired shafeelody

2. The next step is the body of your animal.

You want to get a ball that you should roll and feel until you get the desired shape. If necessary, don’t hesitate to add more wool to achieve the preferred body size. Keep in mind the size of the wings, too, as they need to be proportionate.

3. Fluff out the wing top and attach it to the body. You can use cardboard or anything else to glue to the body. If your kit contains animal eyes, make a hole and add them to the upper part of the body. Alternatively, be creative and find something that can serve as animals’ eyes.

4. Now, it is time to make the mouth. It would help if you went with pink or red wool. Poke it until you get a thin patch, and shape it with scissors. Aim for a rectangle-like shape and apply it to the body. Poke the mouth in the middle to ensure a beak-like form.

Feel free to let your creativity go wild, as you can make any animal using this simple tutorial! The process is similar to any other animal. Instead of chicken wings, you can make a bunny, cat’s ears, or anything else. 

Chapter 3. How to Make a Barn Owl from Wool Felt?

Owl toys made of wool felt on a wooden background

The next in line of animals that we are making is a barn owl. It is one of the most specific projects, and you can do it with your child.

1. You will need different colors of wool felt. We suggest combining white, tan, and brown if you aim for original owl colors. Make sure to get some wool string for the face.

2. Take a chunk of white wool, depending on how big you want the owl’s body to be. Roll it to make a snake-like form, and then make a spiral. Poke the outer sections to make the shape firm and capable of standing.

3. Repeat the process from the previous step for the owl’s head. Go for a spiral-like shape, but make a proportionate form.

4. Make a simple heart form for the owl’s face. Use the needle to connect it to the body. The arrow connects it to the body. Use the hand to connect it to the body. Use a piece of wool string to make the right side of the heart, and repeat the same with the left side.

5. It is now time to attach the eyes. Depending on your method, please attach it to the head using gluing or needling techniques. You can use black beads or make them yourself with wool roving.

Owls also have beaks, and you should make them, too. We suggest using wool of different colors. Roll it and attach it to the head with your needle.

Chapter 4. How to Make Dog and Cat Toys with Wool Felt?

A dog handmade of wool felt

Round animals are cute, but if you want to take things a step further, you should aim for accurate animal shapes. Here is a project that might be a bit complex, but it results in cute dogs and cats made of wool felt.

1. Use a sewing thread to make essential parts of your toy by binding the wool. You want to make a dog’s body, head, legs, and tail. Feel free to use different colors if you feel creative. It would help if you used long wool pieces for the legs. Make a tube out of them, roll, and feel it until you achieve the desired shape.

2. Don’t forget to make the paws, too. Once you do that, it is time to connect the feet to the paws by sewing them together. I felt the ankle joints for additional realism to make them smooth and firm.

3. It is now time to sew other pieces together. Take the body (make sure it is of the appropriate size and add more wool if necessary) and add the remaining details.

4. If you still haven’t made the ears, now is the right time. Use a sponge and arrange the wool on it. Go for the desired ear shape (depending on what animal or species you are making), and make it firm by felting. It is a tricky part, so make sure to use enough wool.

5. Add all other details to the head, including the nose, mouth, and snout (if making a cat). You can even make a collar and attach it to the toy.

You use the same process to make dog and cat toys. The only difference is in the shapes you are making. Feel free to experiment with different species; the results will surprise you!

Chapter 5. How to use Wool Felt DIY Stuffed Pig?

Peppa the pig made of wool felt

Thanks to wool felt, you could make Peppa the Pig toy for your child. The tutorial below lets you get creative and create a unique stuffed pig!

1. You will need to prepare the necessary material first. If you want to do everything from scratch, prepare wool roving, dyed butter or white felt, foam egg, and any eye material (like black beads). You will also need a felting block, needle, scissors, and glue.

2. Grab foam egg and place wool roving over it until you cover it completely. Secure the roving by poking it. Make a circle out of the roving, and put it on the sharp part of the egg. Once again, drive to attach it.

3. Use needle poking to make the nostrils of your pig. Grab some wool to form the head better.

4. Next, we should make the pig’s feet. You want to fold four roving pieces in quarters to form feet. Leave roving loose on one side, and use it to attach the legs to the body.

5. Make ears for your pig by using two equal-sized wool pieces. Attach the ears to the body. Attach the ears to the body. Don’t forget to make the ears proportionate to the rest of the to

6. Glue the eyes into the designated spaces for them. Use a different color felt to make your pig’syour pig’syour pig’s mouth and nose.

You can get creative and add flowers, bows, or other accessories to your pig felt toy.

Chapter 6. How to use Wool Felt DIY Loch Ness Monster?

Loch Ness monster with a scarf - illustration

How about making a vast felt toy like the Loch Ness monster? Children will love a cute Nessie to play with, and here is how you can make it for them.

1. You will require a lot of felt (approximately 1.5 yards), including a green variant for the body. Make sure to get black beads or felt for the eyes and material for the mouth. You will also need a stuffing bag.

2. The first step is dividing the felt into two big body pieces, a single stomach piece, and eight flippers. You want to stitch the flippers in pairs. However, you will need to stuff them, so leave some room on the curved side.

3. Put one body piece over the other, and lift the piece at the bottom. Put the stomach evenly on both parts and sew it with your hands or machine.

4. It’s stuffing time! Start from the tail and neck as they aim to keep. Close the openings with a sewing machine (or by hand), and move to stuff the flippers. Connect them to the body to complete the toy.

The final step is adding the eyes and the mouth. Use black beads and glue them in designated spaces for the eyes. Do the same for the mouth; your Nessie is ready!


We hope that you found our guides on making animal toys from wool felt helpful. As you can see, there is no limit when it comes to creativity. Please think of the projects above as guidelines, and don’t hesitate to modify them any way you see fit!

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