Can You Wear Merino Wool In The Summer? – Weighing Your Choices

Can You Wear Merino Wool In The Summer? When you think of wool, sweaters, socks, blankets, and suits comes to your mind first.

Can you wear merino wool in the summer? The Merino wool is light and soft hence suitable in winter, autumn, spring, and summer. 

Merino wool has moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool in summer. Merino keeps you cool and protects you from the sun’s harshness in summer.

As you read, you will find more fantastic features about this wool, making it a perfect choice for summer.

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What Is Merino Wool?

(merino sheep on the farm)

Merino wool comes from the merino sheep. The Spanish were the first to rear merino sheep. Today, Australia is the number one producer of merino wool globally.

New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States are other countries that produce merino wool in high quantities. 

Merino wool is an excellent and highly sought-out wool because of its softness, durability, and warmth compared to regular wool.

Merino wool can produce various kinds of clothing, including socks, sweaters, dresses, suits, pants, skirts, underwear, sportswear, and more. 

The merino sheep are easy to find and available. Hence they aren’t as costly as other wool with similar rich qualities. 

Why You Should Wear Merino Wool In The Summer

ethnic merino clothes for women

(ethnic merino clothes for women)

Merino wool comes in different shapes and sizes, making it suitable for any season, including summertime. Below are some features of merino wool that make it perfect to wear in summer.

Thermo regulating

Merino wool regulates your body temperature and keeps you neither hot nor cold. The wool has pocket-like fibers that regulate your body against cold and hot seasons.

In summer, when it is hot, these pocket-like fibers will soak up your moisture and wick them off the clothing, refreshing you. 

Odor resistant

Merino’s moisture-wicking properties make it a good fit for summer. Merino wool repels most of the moisture released from your body as you sweat.

So, regardless of how sweaty you get, merino wool protects you from having body odors.

Quick drying

Merino wool releases water quickly, hence dries fast when washed. The moisture-wicking properties of merino make it dry faster than other clothing.

You can air-dry your clothing or hang it; it will be ready to wear again.

Wrinkle resistant

Merino wool has elastic properties, meaning you do not have to iron it after washing. It stretches out as you hang it out to dry under the sun.

Hence, it is a good choice when you are in a rush and have to quickly put on something good. It’s your perfect go-to wear.


Merino wool has a stain-resistant layer that makes it hard to retain dirt. You can wash your clothing in cold, low, or high temperatures if your clothing gets dirty.

However, know that their odor-resistant and moisture-wicking abilities mean you do not always have to wash them after each wear. Hang it to dry under the sun; it will be good to wear again. 

No itch

Merino comes in different forms and thickness levels. The merino wool used to make summer clothes is usually very soft on the skin. Hence, they do not itch when worn and provide an excellent feel to skin of all types.


Merino wool is much stronger than other kinds and can withstand damage from wear and tear. It is about six times stronger than cotton and can bend back onto itself over 20 times. 


People with sensitive skin do not have to worry about merino wool. The wool is highly suitable for all kinds of skin thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. 

UV resistant

Unlike other fibers, merino has a natural UV barrier that protects your skin from ultraviolet radiation. 


(man on a runway wearing merino clothing)

Merino wool’s smooth features and softness are among the most luxurious fabrics. Celebrities like Rihanna, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, and more have all rocked this fabric, cementing merino wool as one of the most fashionable.

Breathable & Ultralight & Comfy

The merino wool fibers are much better, softer, and finer than regular wool. It is highly breathable, meaning that moisture easily flows through it.

This high breathability wicks away excess sweat and helps to cool the body properly during hot seasons. 

The lighter and softer wool is, the more its breathability. Therefore, merino is a good choice of clothing for you in summer. 


Merino wool is 100 percent biodegradable since it is a natural fiber. The wool is also renewable as its sheep, the merino sheep, shed its fleece every year.

When the merino wool dies, it loses 36 – 99 percent of its body mass to the soil. Hence, it degrades to form grass that it and other animals use as food. 

So, you can wear your wool confidently, knowing it adds value to the environment.


(beautiful merino scarfs)

Hopefully, you are convinced you can wear merino wool in the summer as much as in the winter. You don’t have to worry about over-sweating, body odors, itchiness, or too thick wool.

Merino wool will protect your body from these things and even from exposure to the sun and more. 

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