Colored felt rolls

You Need to Know a Simple Guide to Felt Seal

We already know that felt is an incredibly versatile textile that has many uses. Apart from the fashion industry and creative art projects, you will also find the felt seal as integral components of machinery and other tools. In this article, we will learn more about felt seals, types, uses, and advantages. You will also

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A roll of felt paper

Felt Paper- What Makes People Can Not Do Without It

Felt paper is highly multifunctional and is of major importance in the art and building sectors of the world. Are you confused on how to install or create breath evoking art with the felt paper? If so, then you clicked on the right site because this article will take you into the world of felt

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Girls wearing black dresses

Why Black Felt More And More Loved By the People?

The fashion industry is innovative, and we see new trends every year. It is hard to keep up with all those changes, let alone stay ahead of them. Felt is one of the oldest textiles ever. People used it millenniums ago for various purposes, including clothing. Today, it seems that felt clothes are making a

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Knitted woolen clothes rolled in a basket

How to Maintain the Felt Material to Make it Last Longer?

Felt is probably one of the most unique and versatile types of fabric that we currently have. The high resilient nature of the material is what makes last for ages, even with frequent use. The feature that makes felt clothing popular is its warmth nature. Since the material meshes during the manufacturing process, there are

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Felt hat and clothes hanged

Felt Clothing – Why Make You Love it So Much

If you open your wardrobe, the chances are you will find dozens of different items inside. But do you have any clothing made of felt clothing? Felt was once the primary clothing material for millions of people. Today, it is an important part of the style of many people throughout the world. In this article,

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Wool felt and felting tools

Felt – How to Use This Magical Material in 10 New Ways

Felt is a durable and versatile material used in many industries, such as music, automotive, and fashion. It is also a popular choice for DIY and group projects as it gives plenty of room to display creativity. Would you like to find out some of the most unexpected uses of wool felt? Take a look

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Fuzzy felt owl toy

How to Make Fuzzy Felt Into Such a Popular Product

There are a plethora of reasons to adore fuzzy felt toys. There are very few things that can withstand the test of time, especially when it comes to appealing to the younger generation like them. But fuzzy felt toys have not only managed to remain relevant since as far back as the 50’s but also

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A beautiful felt bag on a woman’s shoulder

Felt Bag – How to do 8 Steps to Meet Your Needs

If you always wanted to be a designer, or you are looking for a useful and versatile bag, we have the perfect solution for you! How about investing a bit of time and effort and make a beautiful felt bag yourself? The bag you design will perfectly meet your needs, which is its biggest advantage.

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Caption: a young girl with felt decorations

Woven Wool And Pressed Wool How to Make Better Choices

Usually, fiber-wool, synthetic, and cotton are three materials for making clothes. It is much easier to take care of cotton and synthetic garments, but it is only a few who know the best way to wash and maintain wool clothing. If not handled with care, wool items can be significantly affected by chemicals and heat.

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