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Felt Hat Care: What You Should Do

A stacked up pile of felt hats

About Felt Hat Care, Hats, as a whole, add a distinct feel to your appearance and countenance, not only as a clothing accessory. This distinct feel your hat brings is why you need to take your felt hat care seriously. As you may already know, felt hats are clothing accessories that require much care and …

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Do Wool Balls Relieve Static: How Does It Work?

Wool dryer balls placed inside a dryer

About Do Wool Balls Relieve Static? In cold seasons like winter, several people encounter static currents in their clothes, which can be uncomfortable. This discomfort has led people to ask, “Do wool balls relieve static?” As a result, most people specifically look for wash products that can help relieve static current flow on their dresses. …

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Felt vs. Wools: What’s The Difference

Pile of wool balls

A few things in common, alongside distinctions, regarding the felt vs. wools comparison.  Felt is a clothing material generated from matted fibers condensation and pressing together. Wool, on the other hand, is also a form of clothing material.  You can extract its fibers from mammalian animals like sheep, rabbits, camelids, goats, etc. Many people sometimes …

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