Cosmetic Bag–How To Choose A Bag And Be A Beautiful Girl

Makeup and cosmetic products have become a rather fun and vital part of fashion in our modern society. The internet is crawling with videos and tutorials on how to carve flawless brows or blend lipstick effortlessly.

They not only give us the power to express our inner creativity but also give rise to evoking youthful freedom and creative energy.

You’ll agree it’s all fun and games until the moment to accurately organize or clean our cosmetic products comes.

Now, we’re looking under the bed for the eyeshadow palette or underneath the books in the school bag for the missing mascara. A decent cosmetic bag can solve some problems. The cosmetic bag has a compartment suitable for all cosmetics.

White make up bag with products out

Section 1:Things to Consider Before Buying a Cosmetic Bag

Picking the right cosmetic bag will depend on the purpose you want it to serve. Will it be for everyday use or part of your travel kit? There are a variety of factors to consider before buying a cosmetic bag, which includes; Size, shape, color, and more importantly, material, to determine the durability of the pack.


A professional make up artist will most likely prefer a bigger cosmetic bag to fit in all products. However, if you’re a beginner or amateur user with not so many products, you may prefer a smaller bag to prevent excess load.
Getting a cosmetic bag for travel will also depend on how long your trips are or the occasion you’re attending. You don’t want your cosmetic bag taking up too much room in your travel bag.


The shapes and sizes of your cosmetic products will most likely determine your preferred bag shape. Will it be wide enough or of the appropriate length? These are the questions you should ask yourself before settling for a cosmetic bag.


If you like flashy and bright colors, you should go for one that suits your color taste. Although cool colors may be easier to clean and keep off dirt due to their concealing ability. Whatever color you settle for depends on your personal preference.

Material and Fabric

This is one of the essential features to look out for when shopping for a cosmetic bag. They are a lot of materials used to make different types of cosmetic bags, some of which are: leather, vinyl, canvas, and felt.

You want a bag that is durable and lasts very long. The felt the cosmetic bag is very thick and does not add extra weight and is easy to waterproof. Good news for travelers, yeah? They are also durable, highly resilient, and environmentally friendly. Felt cosmetic bags come with a wide range of benefits that I’ll be showing you later in this post.

Various types of cosmetic bags

Section 2:What to Pack in a Cosmetic Bag

The cosmetic bag comes in handy in correctly organizing your make up products. It helps you keep them clean, organized, and easily accessible. For beginners who are just embarking on the makeup journey, you might be a little overwhelmed by the vast number of cosmetic products available in the mall. You might also be tired of your make up bag always spilling and overflowing from all the excess baggage. I’m here to help you narrow those beauty products into a list of essentials. What are the must-haves in a cosmetic bag?

  •  Moisturizer- This product deserves a unique space in your cosmetic bag as it’s of great importance. You want your skin to consistently have that supple shine and glow irrespective of the weather. Even better is one that comes with sunblock to prevent hyperpigmentation and redness.
  •  Primer- A primer helps to minimize pores and redness. Your make up will also last longer and look better with this product.
  •  Foundation- This is key in helping your skin look radiant and flawless. It is essential to test the shade on the part of the leather before settling for one. It makes it easier for you to choose your perfect color blend.
  •  Concealer- It serves as the magic wand in a makeup bag. Concealer helps to hide dark spots, blemishes, and redness, bringing your face to utmost perfection.
  •  Eyeshadow palette- An eyeshadow brings color and light to your eyes. It doesn’t have to be substantial, and you can settle for something neutral, depending on the mood.
  •  Blush- It leaves you with a gorgeous youthful glow and color when appropriately added. Be sure to use the right shade.
  •  Mascara- The mascara is my personal favorite as it helps to brighten up the eyes and transform your face even on a dull morning.
  •  Eyeliner- Whether you decide to settle for a cat-eye or a natural look, an eyeliner brings out the vital details in your eyes. A definite must-have!
  •  Lipstick- It is a versatile product and can help add the perfect statement to your look.
  •  Pressed powder- Powder is essential, especially in oily skin, to prevent smearing. It also comes in handy when giving a quick touch up.
  •  Makeup brushes- Brushes come in different shapes and sizes depending on their specific use. They help you apply the products and flawlessly blend them in.
A flat lay of makeup products

Section 3:How to Clean and Organize Your Cosmetic Bag

Under normal circumstances, we would dress in a hurry. Amid the bustle, we sometimes forget to clean up our used cosmetic products and put them back in their right places. Here are a few tips to a clean and properly arranged cosmetic bag.

  •  Empty your wallet- The first step to take will be to void the container thoroughly, separating the makeup from the non-makeup products. It is also essential to pick out all old and expired products and dispose of them properly during this stage.
  •  Clean it out- Get baby wipes and clean the inside and exterior of the bag. You can also use water and shampoo for thorough cleansing. Soak all your brushes in hot water to prevent germs. Sharpen pencils, find lids and clean all other products with a cotton swab.
  •  Dry and pat on a towel if wet
  •  Using their body parts of your application product classification; Face, eyes, lips, and tools. Keep each group in separate compartments. It will make them easily accessible to you.

Below is a link to a video that further describes how to organize your cosmetic bag.

Section4:benefits of the felt cosmetic bag

Felt is one of the most unique and highly versatile materials. It is human-made from natural fibers. The production involves compressing and matting using heat, moisture, and a lot of pressure. It provides it with a range of substantial characteristics which makes any product made from feeling very distinct. Here are some of the advantages of felt material;

 •It is highly resilient and retains its strength for years.

 •It is wear-resistant and lasts very long.

 •It won’t be scattered or worn.

 •Felt is thick without adding the extra weight.

 •It can be made water-resistant.

 •It is easy to wash and clean.

 •Easy to sew

 •Felt is chemical and flame resistant.

 •It is renewable and eco-friendly.

 •Generally inexpensive

You’ll infer from this long list of advantages that felt would be an excellent choice for cosmetic bags. It has a higher cost of performance and lowers financial cost, giving you the undoubted worth of your money. It is made from wool, which is a natural source and by this saves environmental cost and resources.

The material is highly durable and versatile. The felt cosmetic bag would last you a long time as it’s easy to clean and does not give way to stretch or frays due to its thickness.

For the advantages of felt, you can read the “Felt Fabric” article to understand
A small felt fabric bag

Section 5:What do You Want to Say About the Felt Cosmetic Bag?

Here are some comments from other users on cosmetic bags;

“I love this makeup bag! I went to the gym the morning before going to work. I used to put all the cosmetics in a bag that I had to get rid of every day. Now all my makeup is very organized and easy to reach. I love that the compartments are adjustable and that the exterior is durable. Urban Decay NAKED palettes fit easily – you could probably stack 3-4 in the large compartment ha!” – Alexander

“Love it! Holds my naked pallet, a ton of my brushes, and the rest of my makeup with room to spare.

It feels durable and looks classy and straightforward. Overall I’m thrilled with it!”

A cute cosmetic bag with some makeup products


There are several reasons to get a felt cosmetic bag. It is durable, and easy to wash and maintain. It also helps you to accurately keep track of your cosmetic products, preventing germs as a result of clustering. This highly versatile, functional, cost, and eco-friendly accessory is a must-have for you. Why don’t you get organized now?

Pick up the eyeshadow palette under your bed and the lipstick on top of your bookshelf and carefully place them in that felt cosmetic bag you purchase. Let’s have fun and get creative!

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