How To Make Wool Dryer Balls-  A guide to put a fresh and healthy spin on your laundry

Are you looking for an alternative to dryer sheets? Then homemade wool dryer balls are just the alternative you have been waiting for. So how to make wool dryer balls?

Dryer sheets can be a small cost that adds up over time. They can also leave an unpleasant residue inside your dryer.

Homemade wool dryer balls are a great eco-friendly alternative instead of dryer sheets and are easy to make.

You only need a few materials to make them. In this article, we will go over step-by-step instructions for the perfect homemade balls. So prepare for a spin as we learn to create the ideal homemade dryer balls! 

Table of Contents

1. Materials Needed to Make Wool Dryer Balls

Yarn and Knitting needles

(Yarn and Knitting needles)

100% Wool batting or wool sweater

Wool batting is easy to find; one pound can make about 6 wool dryer balls.


To cut your materials

Essential oil (optional)

This can be a great option to fill your balls with your favorite aroma

Pantyhose or nylon stockings

These are important steps toward the end of making your balls

Washing machine and dryer

For the final steps in finishing your balls

2. How To Make Wool Dryer Balls from Old Wool Sweaters?

Knitted Sweater

(Knitted Sweater)

Using old sweaters is a great way to make wool dryer balls. It is also an excellent way to reuse old sweaters that occupy closet space.

The number of balls you get will depend on your sweater size. An extra large sweater should give you about six to eight balls.

Cut the seams off of the Sweater.

Cut along the seams where the sleeves attach to the body of the sweater. Also, remove any tags and buttons. Save the buttons for any future craft projects.

Begin with the sleeves.

Take the sleeves you’ve removed and turn the narrow end of the sleeve toward you. Then, fold the tip of the sleeve. 


Begin rolling the folded ends into a ball shape. Next, roll in the wide end of the sleeve while tucking in the sides. Hold the material down as tight as possible. Try to get it as round as possible.

It does not have to be perfect. Repeat this process for the body of the sweater.

Add oil

This step is optional, but essential oil will make a difference when you do your laundry. When you get almost halfway up, add two to three drops of tea tree oil or any other scent you prefer.

Tuck the End In

When you get to the end, pull the remaining material as tight as you can. Then, fold the tip and tuck it into the ball. 

Secure the ends

Take a needle and thread, go through the thick part of the ball, and come out into the end pieces. Go around two times, then tie the thread.

Tie them in a Sock

Fill up your sock or pantyhose with your balls. Tie the end of your stocking tight to ensure your balls don’t move around. This step will keep your dryer balls from losing their form.

Felt Your Balls

Take the balls that you’ve placed into the sock and put them into the washing machine. Then, run them on a hot cycle. This process you may need to repeat two or three times.

3. Benefits of Homemade Wool Dryer Balls from Old Sweaters


Green planet earth

(Green planet earth)

No harmful chemicals will get on your clothes—keeping you safe and healthy. Repurposing your sweaters keeps them going to a landfill.


Of course, only costing as much as your old sweater makes this a very inexpensive hobby. They are also reusable. Saving you from constantly buying more dryer sheets. 


(essential oil)

The scent is another added benefit to your wool dryer balls. You can add any scent that you would like to your balls. Making your laundry smell fresh with any aroma you choose.

Saves energy

The wool dryer balls separate your clothes, giving them more airflow, drying them faster, and reducing time in the dryer.


So, When looking for an eco-friendly option that saves time and money, wool dryer balls are your best option. They give you the softness in your clothes that you are looking for without the chemicals found in dryer sheets.

Adding your favorite essential oil makes your clothes smell great, and you know its contents before it’s added.

The wool dryer balls are also hypoallergenic and are a much better option if you have sensitive skin. It’s that easy!

An old sweater, pair of scissors, and some yarn, and you have your own set of wool dryer balls. So, for your next load of laundry, give these balls a spin!

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