Are Wool Dryer Balls Safe- The Basics

Are Wool Dryer Balls Safe? One of life’s coziest pleasures is crawling into a bed of fresh, clean linen.

Many recommend using wool dryer balls to reduce drying time and increase the time in your comfortable bed.

However, our wool dryer balls safe?

Yes, they are! Wool dryer balls are safe and perfect for sensitive skin and baby clothes.

However, you must use the dryer balls properly to ensure their safety.

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What Do Dryer Balls Do?

There are many types of dryer balls around. There are plastic and rubber variants; however, wool dryer balls are the most popular as they are ecological and last long.

Wool dryer balls prevent your laundry from clumping up in your dryer. Here are the other things they do.  

Save You Money

Since the dryer balls reduce the drying time, your dryer is not on for a long time, which saves you money.

Dryer balls are reusable compared to fabric dryer sheets, so you do not have to keep buying boxes of them every month.

You can use your wool dryer balls over 1000 times!

pile of clothes

(pile of clothes)

Cut Your Drying Time in Half

Wool dryer balls retain the heat they get from your dryer, which enhances the drying process and cuts your drying time in half.

Your laundry dries faster and more efficiently, reducing the time the dryer is on.

It also softens the fabrics, so it’s not so stiff when out of the dryer. When you use them properly, it takes away the static cling.

Get Better with Age

As your wool dryer ball ages, it begins to pill, which increases the surface friction in your clothes.

This makes your clothes softer to the touch, reducing that static and stiff feeling.

However, if the pills annoy you, you can remove them with a razor, but they benefit you!

No Side Effects

Wool dryer balls are health protective, meaning they do not contain any chemicals that will harm you.

Chemicals such as benzyl acetate can cause respiratory irritations.

The chloroform found in dryer sheets is a neurotoxin can is not healthy for your skin.

This includes synthetic fragrances as well.

baby clothes

(baby clothes)

Are Wool Dryer Balls Safe?

We have established that wool dryer balls are safe, but are they safe in the following groups? Let’s take a look.

Are Dryer Balls Safe for Baby’s Laundry?

Dryer balls are hypoallergenic and non-toxic as they do not contain scents and dyes, so they are good for your baby’s laundry.

You can use wool dryer balls on cloth diapers and baby clothes without compromising the integrity of the clothes.

Are Dryer Balls Safe for Dogs?

Yes, they’re all-natural, so don’t worry if your dog swipes them from your dryer!

Using wool dryer balls captures pet hair off your clothes as well.

You can give your senior dogs dryer balls to fetch and chew on and for teething puppies.

These balls are not as tough as other dog toys, are gentle on the teeth, and may even help to keep their teeth clean!



Are Dryer Balls Safe for the People Allergic to Wool?

Dryer balls are made of 100% organic wool and do not contain harmful chemicals and additives.

They are generally hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

The wool dryer ball is not touching your skin directly, so it is good to use.

However, if your skin seems irritated, stop using dryer balls or opt for plastic or rubber dryer wool.

essential oils

(essential oils)

Can You Add Fragrance to Wool Dryer Balls?

While natural wool dryer balls are fragrance-free, you can add fragrance to give your clothes a lovely boost while they dry. You can add essential oils to your wool dryer balls.

This method is simple and takes only a couple of seconds. Add 2 to 3 drops of your chosen essential oil to one of your dryer balls and give it time to soak in.

You can add your wool dryer balls at the end of your cycle and run them for about ten minutes again.

Your time should be shorter, to begin with, to accommodate these ten minutes.

You will notice that there is a stronger scent left on your clothes.

You can also toss the dryer ball with your clothes at the beginning of the dryer cycle.


Now you know that wool dryer balls are safe for your clothes.

You can reduce drying times, save money and enjoy the coziness that they bring.

Adding essential oils to make your clothes smell better is also possible. 

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