How to Dry a Wool Blanket Without Using a Dryer

How to Dry a Wool Blanket Without Using a Dryer?

The investment in owning a wool blanket pays for itself more and more with each use.

But learning how to dry a wool blanket without a dryer will help keep it looking and feeling new.

Let’s look at some tips on safely drying the warmest member of your household properly.

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Can I Wash a Merino Wool Blanket?

Cleaning your Merino Wool blanket becomes commonplace because you use it so much.

To protect it from damage, only use cold water.

Always use a detergent specifically formulated for wool and follow the instructions on the bottle.

Also, use a gentle cycle.

3 Ways to Wash a Wool Blanket

wool blanket with cat hair

wool blanket with cat hair

How you wash your wool blanket will depend on what it requires. It can also depend on your personal preference.

For example, some may feel better hand washing their blanket, while others may opt for a washer. We have listed the three best methods for washing your blanket below.

Hand Washing

Start by filling a sink with cold water and adding a small detergent. Immerse the blanket into the mixture and stir slowly.

Gently swish the blanket in the sink, allowing it to soak for about 10 minutes.

Drain the water and rinse your blanket until the suds are gone.

Machine Washing

Start by choosing a delicate cycle and cold water for your washing machine.

Place your wool blanket in the machine and add a small amount of sulfate-free or wool detergent.

Let it go through its cycle and remove it when finished.

Dry Cleaning

If you don’t feel comfortable washing your blanket, take it to a dry cleaning service.

Ensure the cleaner you choose uses cold water and a gentle cleaning solution.

How to Dry a Wool

soft wool blanket

soft wool blanket

You will need to take precautions when drying your wool blanket.

Let’s look at things to avoid and how to dry Merino wool properly.

Avoid Wringing or Twisting

Wringing or twisting your wool blanket can cause it to stretch or fray.

Instead, try to remove excess water by carefully pressing it between your hands or using a towel.

While we don’t recommend using a dryer, ensure it is on the lowest heat setting if you do. 

Also, check the blanket every 10 to 15 minutes, and remove it when it is only slightly damp. 

Use Dryer Balls

You can use a few dryer balls when you’re drying your blanket. The balls work by bouncing off the blanket and separating its fibers.

They help it dry faster without damaging it. Remember to separate your wool blankets from any other clothing when drying them.

Doing this will help ensure the best drying results.

Remove the Blanket and Use a Fabric Steamer

Sometimes, your blanket will still have wrinkles when you remove it from the dryer.

Use a fabric steamer to finish off the process. It will help eliminate lumps and keep it looking its best. 

Follow these instructions when using a fabric steamer:

Lay your wool blanket on a flat surface with good ventilation and plug the steamer into an outlet.

Place the steamer on a flat surface and fill it with cold water.

If you can, use distilled water. Distilled water won’t have the minerals that some tap water has. 

After filling the reservoir, please turn on the steamer and wait for it to heat up.

Slowly move it over your blanket to remove any wrinkles.

Don’t use fabric softeners or starch on your wool blanket. These products can damage the fibers and make them look dull.

The Hang the Blanket To Dry

Hang your wool blanket until it’s completely dry. Hang it in a cool, well-ventilated area and away from direct sunlight.

Use a gentle fan to speed up the drying process. 

Spot Clean

If your blanket has a stain, spot-clean them with a soft cloth and cool water. It will help remove any dirt or dust before it sets in. Don’t scrub the stain, as it can damage the fibers of your blanket.

Air Dry

Before air drying, squeeze out any remaining moisture. Do this by laying some towels down and placing the blanket on them.

Roll the towels and blanket together like a burrito.

Gently unroll the blanket from the towels. Reshape it if needed, and then lay it flat to air dry. 

Drape Over a Door

Once your blanket is halfway dry, hang it over the back of a door. Place a towel or sheet underneath the blanket so it doesn’t damage the door.

Use the Shake and Hang Method

wool blanket losing its smooth texture

wool blanket losing its smooth texture

The shake-and-hang method is excellent for smaller wool blankets. Take the blanket outside and give it a vigorous shake.

Then, please attach it to a line or clothes hanger with clothespins and let it hang. Let the fresh air refresh the blanket.

Believe it or not, fresh air can remove germs and odors from wool. This way, you avoid having to wash it.

Storing Wool Blankets

folding wool blanket for storage

Folding wool blankets for storage

The beauty of wool is that you can enjoy it any season. But if you need to store your wool blanket away for a while, consider proper protection from pests and dampness.

We advise against using mothballs as the smell may be too much to handle. 

Instead, cedar chips or wood blocks are natural repellents that protect without emitting an odor.

Use a light-sealed zipper bag or plastic bin to keep your prized item safe and secure.

Wrapping up How to Dry a Wool Blanket

Making your 100 percent wool blanket last longer and look better becomes feasible with these tips. Don’t shy away from cleaning your wool blanket.

It will help keep it looking and feeling great! The delicate materials can withstand regular gentle cleaning. 

Not to mention, keeping it clean protects you and your family from germs.

If you take time to dry, store, and care for your wool blanket properly, you’ll enjoy it for many years.

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