Can You Wash Felt Fabric- Ways to Keep Your Felt Clean

Can you wash felt fabric??

Individuals make felt by rolling and pressing various types of fibers together. You get many items that contain felt, such as toys and craft projects.

The process involves moisture, pressure, and heat. The manufacturers combine the different layers of fabric to get matted, which gives you felt. So, what happens when it gets dirty?

Can you wash felt fabric?

You can dry clean, surface wash, or hand washes your felt fabric. We will also include properly storing felt fabric to stay clean and fresh.

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How to Dry Clean Felted Products?

First, determine if your felt fabric is wool or synthetic. Wool felt does not do well when washed, as it may start to fuzz or shrink. Therefore, you must dry clean wool felt.

You can get a home dry cleaning kit with clear directions to help you through the cleaning process.

The process of dry cleaning with a kit is as follows:

  • Spot-treat any stains using the stain remover or absorbent pads.
  • Please put it in the dry-cleaning bag with the moist towelettes.
  • Then, set your dryer to high heat for 30 minutes. Keep an eye on your feet to avoid shrinking.
felt in a stack

(felt in a stack)

How to Surface Wash Felted Products?

Gently brush the felt fabric surface with a clothes brush to remove built-up lint or dirt. You can use a piece of bread if you don’t have a clothes brush. Rub it over the felt to pick up the dirt from the surface.

You can use a clothing or upholstery steamer for a more thorough cleaning.

If you don’t have a handheld steamer, you can use the steam of your iron or even a steaming teapot.

Be careful not to burn yourself!

Remember to lightly steam the surface to prevent the felt from shrinking. After steaming, brush the felt.

playful rocket picture made from felt

(playful rocket picture made from felt)

How to Hand-Wash Felted Products?

Another great way to clean your felted products is to wash them in a sink. You should use cool water and handle the felt careful as you move it around and clean it.

Gently squeeze it to wash out the dirt. Avoid the use of hot water as it can damage your felted products.

You can use mild detergent; however, avoid using too much or bleach as it will cause fuzzing on the felt fabric.

Don’t forget to remove the excess water. You can do this by pressing the felt between two towels. Don’t twist the felt; flatten it as much as possible to the original shape.

This is especially important for crafting felt or your felt clothing. Air dry the item afterward.

hand washing

(hand washing)

How to Properly Store Your Felt Products?

Here are some great tips to keep your feet products looking good:

  • Exposing your feet to light can fade and deteriorate their color over time. It would be best if you opted for airtight plastic containers. Clear containers work well, as you can see from the contents.
  • However, if you have to store your items in an area exposed to the sun, store the felt in solid-colored containers.
  • Felt has antimicrobial properties that naturally resist mildew and mold, so you don’t have to worry about moisture.
  • However, moisture can weaken felt over time. This is why you should ensure the felt is dry before storing it.
  • Avoid storing in cardboard near the ground or garage doors. It’s best to throw in some of the silica packets that come with shoes to absorb moisture.
colorful felt

(colorful felt)


Now, you don’t have to fear any dirt or stains that come your way, as you know that felt can be washed and dried effectively without harming the fabric.

You can hand-wash, clean the surface, or dry clean. 

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