Feel Hat – What Are The Problems That Cannot Be Ignored

Feel Hat has been in vogue from as way back as the start of the fashion essence itself. This popular culture has evolved dynamically over time and has had its fair share of content in art and fashion.

However, the felt hats can be styled flawlessly to fit our modern-day flair. This article will ride you through times, expounding on the variety of felt hat styles and the importance of quality felt in a felt hat.

It will also take you through tips and tricks to give you a felt hat experience.

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Chapter 1 Before Purchasing a Felt Hat, What to Consider

Picking the right hat can take a challenging course, especially in this world of countless dos and don’ts. You do not want to offend the fashion police in any way.

You still have to be yourself and find the hat that fits your entire person. Here are some basic factors to consider before buying a hat;

Face shape

This is vital in choosing a hat, and it is important to first measure and note your face shape.

  • A round face has almost the same width and length, wider at the cheeks. A hat with a boxy crown or wider brim will suit this face shape. Slanting the hat forward will also give your face a nice definition.
  • An oval face is longer than its wide and similar to an egg’s shape. Although more often than not, this face shape tends to go with a lot of hats, the perfect fit for this face will be a hat with a shorter crown and wider brim.
  • The diamond-faced shape is angular with edges and a tapered chin. Widest at the cheekbones, this face shape is suited for a hat with a medium-width brim and shorter crown. Slanting the hat to one side will also help slim down the face.
  • A square-shaped face’s length is almost equal to its width, with a wide forehead and strong jawline. Hats with curving lines and a round brim will do justice to this face shape.


The wrong color choice for a hat can throw the entire outfit off balance. You don’t want that, do you? So, your best bet is to settle for cool colors, like different shades of grey, brown(traditional), and navy blue. They tend to go with a lot of outfits, and one can never go wrong with the right shade. Stay off bold and bright colors like yellow or green.

Some hats come with ribbons that are a similar shade to the color of the hat or slightly different. This adds up some sass and flair to the hat.


Hats come in different sizes to fit a wide range of heads. You want a hat that is fitted and as comfortable as it can get. It is essential to get a tape rule and measure the head circumference and other notable indicators to avoid soreness.

The right hat will be comfy enough to allow proper circulation. It should also not be so loose that it comes off every time the wind blows. Some hats come with a strap around the chin that can be adjusted to fit snuggly.

Hats can either have a wide brim or a medium brim, and the type you choose will depend on your face shape. Ensure that you get the one that best suits you.


The quality of a hat is based solely on the material used. This makes it a very major factor in selecting the perfect hat. Hats can make from synthetic materials like polyester and can also make from fine natural materials like felt, which are of undefeatable quality. I’ll be highlighting and further expatriating on some of these materials below;

  • Cotton- Cotton hats come in a variety of colors and are usually very soft to feel. They are durable and do not take up too much storage space as they can be easily crushed and packed.
  • Polyester- Polyester is most times combined with cotton to make a hat. They are also really durable.
  • Straw- Straws differ in strength, durability, color, and fineness. They are available in a variety of styles. The best ones are handpicked and woven with impeccable skills to taste.
  • Felt- Felt is one of the most popular and highest-quality materials used in making hats. It is eco-friendly and made from natural animal wool or hair. The type of felt used varies depending on taste and style. Some popular felt options are;
  • Wool felt- Made by rolling and compressing animal wool fiber, adding moisture and heat to cause the fibers to interlock smoothly. It is of decent quality but slightly rougher than others felt.
  • Fur or hair felt- It is finer and softer. Made from animal hair and creates a super durable hat.
  • Beaver Felt – The raw material for this felt is the hair of the beaver’s abdomen. It is the best quality felt but can be rather expensive and scarce to find.
Brown beaver felt hat

Hats are one of the most evolving elements in fashion culture. They’ve moved through historical times and blended into our modern existence. Hat styles vary and are most times easily confused because of their similarity. However, you can try out any of these classic hat styles below to add finesse to that swell outfit.

Feel Hat: Fedora

Most non-conversant people call almost any hat with a brim and a crown a “Fedora.” But what exactly is a Fedora? What sets it apart?

Also known as a snap brim, a fedora is a soft felt hat with a brim and an indented crown. The sides are usually pinched, and there’s a lengthwise crease down the

crown. The indentation on the crown can either be tear-dropped, diamond-shaped, or a center dent.

It went as far back as the 1800s and was popularly used by gentlemen and men of high horses back in the day.

It can be shaped, creased, sized, or bent in an infinite number of ways based on personal style. These attributes are peculiar to a fedora hat. The average height of the crown is about 4-6 inches and the brim is 2-4 inches wide. The wide and flexible brim allows the wearer to be dynamic and versatile, which is one of the major advantages of this hat.

Feel Hat: Panama

The Panama hat, shaped like a fedora, is also known as an Ecuadorian hat or toquilla straw hat. It wove from straw or palm leaves. The art of weaving is rather intriguing, and the hats can cost a lot. It is a perfect fit for a hot or tropical climate.

Feel Hat: Trilby

It is a narrow-brimmed hat with a short crown.  Is popularly worn by rich men and frequently featured in horse races. It is usually worn tipped downward and slightly turned up at the back.

Feel Hat: Pork pie hat

Sailors popularly wore a shorter style. It has a flattened top with no crease at the center. It is pinched at the sides and is slightly triangular.

Feel Hat: Homburg

The homburg hat was made of stiff wool felt. It is not as flexible as the fedora hat and has just a single dent running down the crown with no pinches at the side. Usually, dark colors are suitable for semi-formal or business occasions.

Different styles of a hat

Chapter 3 What Makes You Choose a Felt Hat

Apart from adding that edge of grandeur to your outfit, hats are stylish and highly functional. They can wear at any time, any season, and all year long. They act as your fashion backbone, always ready to fix up any missing puzzle.

  • Hats can also give your head warm during the winter, depending on the type of hat. Felt hats are particularly useful during cold seasons. They protect the ears from frostbite and prevent harmful rays from touching the skin.
  • Hats have a way of finishing up the magic in your outfit and setting you apart. When you’re all pruned up and looking for the missing link to make a statement in that event, look no further than the hat section of your closet. They make you stand out.
  • They give you a confident edge. Hats can even make you look taller and are worn as a symbol of authority by some offices.
  • They help to frame your face shape, revealing beautiful features. They can also come to your rescue on the day you decide to try something messy with your hair.
Fashionable and stylish hat

Chapter 4 How To Clean Your Felt Hat

A suitable felt hat takes a lot of effort to make and is of really high quality. Ensure you handle it with proper care for adequate maintenance.

Hats can store in a hatbox designed for the hat, so it doesn’t lose their shape. Soft tissue paper should also stuff into the crown. They can be kept on a hook, the shelf, or hung on the wall. Whichever place you decide to store it, be sure it’s cool, dry, and away from heat. Felt is more vulnerable to mold so you might want to use vinyl or nylon as a covering.

The best way to clean a hat is by hand. Pick up a soft-bristled brush and sweep the brim and other parts of the hat in the same direction till you are finished. Ensure the dust comes off and you can use a moist cloth or rag if it proves stubborn.

The video link below provides more detailed information on how to clean a felt hat.

Chapter 5 Social Comment on FELT HATS

This particular hat is perfect for what I need: inexpensive but well-made, crushable, and water-resistant. I spent a lot of time outdoors and needed the protection offered by this hat. I’m very pleased with it. It also looks damn good when I’m two-stepping with my bride. Win/win. -Carnac

The brim is large enough to cover the ears, neck, and forehead, and the adjustable chin strap is great. I highly recommend this hat to everyone. -H. K


Every human with a sense of style should have at least one hat in their closet. Are you mentally going through your closet right now and feeling attacked? LOL! I’m sorry, but that’s probably a sign you should head to the store and get one now. You do not want to miss out on all the amazing benefits!

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