Felt – How To Make 10 of the Simplest Felt Crafts

Do you have a lot of felt sheets and fabrics stockpiled, and now you’re wondering what to do with them? Or perhaps you’re planning a kid’s party, and you’ve lost at activities to engage them in. Think no further! Why put yourself through a mind-boggling dilemma when you can make easy, felt crafts instead?

Felt crafts top the list of the most engaging and enjoyable crafts to make. Kids benefit a lot from this brain tasking activity, as it helps them to be more engaging and develop new skill sets. In this article, I’ll be providing you with the most popular craft ideas to try and guidelines for achieving them. Get your hands ready as you read!

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Chapter 1. Felts Notebook Covers

It is an excellent idea to turn those boring looking, worn-out books into something fancy. Designing your notebook with a felts cover can add a rather sophisticated edge and make it look even more expensive. They serve as wonderful, personalized gift ideas. You are also more likely to read a school book if it’s all fancy and catches your attention. It might serve as a great motivational guide to you.

You can also give your diary/journal that amazing upfront look with this design.

The process is inexpensive, and you need just a few materials such as;

A notebook, journal or diary, a ruler, a pair of scissors, glue, embroidery floss, sewing needle and pins.

How to make it

  • Measure the felts by placing the book at the centre and marking out the measurements.
  • Fold the felts around the notebook and ensure that it fits, leaving out space for sewing allowance.
  • Sketch your themes and design the front cover with embroidery.
  • • Sew the edges of the cover or use glue to make sure it permanently sticks to the notebook.


Chapter 2. Felts Christmas Crafts

Felts has an amazing traditional feel to it and can brighten up the festive season. It can be used to make Christmas stockings and decorations for the Christmas tree. It saves you from spending money on stockings at the store and can help you engage your family during the holidays.

Materials needed include; Colored felts, sewing needle and thread, and pencil.

How to make your Christmas stocking

  • Get your felts pieces and outline your stocking on each piece.
  • Make a long rectangle from a different colour of felts, long enough to go around the stocking.
  • Sew the two halves of stocking together
  • Wrap your long rectangle around the edge of the stocking and sew it on.
  • You can use embroidery to design your name or add some charms.
Felt Christmas stockings

Chapter 3. Felt Phone Cases

You can transform that dull and sad looking phone into something that can constantly brighten up your day with the felt sheets. Craft many phone cases to fit your daily mood and interchange them. You can also craft a signature or get your favourite theme on your phone with felt.

Asides aesthetics and beauty, it also serves to add protection to your phone.

Materials needed include; Paper, felt fabric, ruler, pins, sewing needle and thread

How to make it

  • Trace your phone on a sheet of paper, leaving a few centimetres as an allowance, if your phone is thick.
  • Trace the template on the felt sheet twice and cut it out.
  • Add some designs and embellishments.
  • Pin the pieces together and make sure they’re even.
  • Slide your phone in and be sure it fits. Make the necessary adjustments.
  • Sew the pinned sides together.
  • Trim the seams and slide your phone in, ready to be used.
Felt phons cases

Chapter 4. Felt Flowers

It is a fantastic craft idea for kids as it’s really easy to make. It can serve as really cute gifts for friends and family. Felt flowers can also be a great way to bring nature and outdoor beauty. It is a really fun and engaging process.

Kids are too young to use scissors, as we don’t want them hurting themselves. However, they can help you stick them up to the wall or place the flowers and leaves together.

Materials needed; Felt fabric, pencil, scissors, sewing needle and thread.

How to make it

  • Choose your felt fabric
  • Draw and cut out your felt in circles
  • Use your scissors to create a spiral.
  • Make sure the spiral is rolled up
  • Use a needle and thread to secure and stitch the spirals together.
Felt flowers

Chapter 5. Felt Animals

You and your kids can also have fun by using felt to create animals. It is a rather cute activity that will teach your kids shapes and allow them to use their imagination.

Materials needed; Different colours of felt sheets, scraps of other materials, canvas, glue, sewing thread and needle.
How to make a felted owl

  • Draw out the shapes and cut the template out.
  • Assemble these shapes to create an owl
  • Attach the eyes and beak with glue.
  • Glue your owl to canvas and use it to decorate the room

Your kids will always be proud of what they have achieved once they look at the felted animal. It indirectly builds their self-esteem and raises confidence.

Felted owl

Chapter 6. Felt Coasters

Felt coasters are great for the dining room or tea table. They serve to level temperature and prevent damage to your wood. It saves you money as you do not have to worry about damaged furniture by channelling your creativity into making felt coasters. It will also act as decoration and give aesthetic value to your living space.

Materials needed include; Varying colours of felt sheets, felt glue, scissors, sewing needle and thread.

How to make it

  • Cut out different sizes of circles from the felt.
  • Use the larger piece as the base and small ones for designs.
  • Stitch the pieces together. You can experiment with matching colours or stripes.

Chapter 7. Felt Coffee Sleeves

These coffee sleeves are cozy and perfect for cool weather. You need not worry about handling a scalding hot cup of coffee with this piece. It is inexpensive and easy to personalize.

Materials needed include; Felt sheets, pattern, scissors, heat transfer material, sewing thread and needle.

How to make it

  • Print and cut out your template.
  • Trace the pattern on the felt sheet and cut.
  • Cut your designs on the heat transfer material.
  • Add designs and embellishments for customization.
  • Sew the edges up.
Felt coffee sleeves

Chapter 8. Felt Slippers

No one loves getting cold feet, and this is particularly common during the winter. Have fun with that wool felt and make your feet warm by making felts slippers on your own. It is inexpensive and made of wool for extra warmth. Thick wool felt is preferred for this craft.

Materials needed include; Felt fabric, pencil, scissors, glue, sewing thread and needle.

How to make it

  • Trace your foot on the felt, taking note of the lines and curves.
  • Cut your foot shape out.
  • Place a sheet of felt over your foot to trace your toes.
  • Be sure to leave seam allowance as you cut the toe piece out.
  • Place the toe piece between the sole piece, and pin or glue.
  • Sew around the slippers and turn it inside out.
Wool felt slippers

Chapter 9. Felts Corsages

Felts corsages are perfect for playdates and birthday parties. They are a really cute gift item for kids and help to keep them busy while having fun. You should supervise the kids and do this along with them, so they don’t get hurt with the scissors.

You’ll need felt fabric, scissors, glue and ribbon.

How to make it

  • Follow the same steps above in creating felt flowers for the corsage.
  • Arrange the flowers and leaves close together on a small piece of felt.
  • Glue them together once you’ve perfected the arrangement.
  • Attach it to a ribbon

Chapter 10. Felt Pouches

Felt pouches are nice handmade gifts for family and friends. They can be used for various storage purposes and come in handy in storing those sunglasses orjewellery.

Materials needed include;

Felt fabric, sewing needle, scissors, button.

How to make it

  • Cut your felt fabric pieces and make your measurements dependent on the item you’re storing in it.
  • Stitch the three sides and sew a button to the center.
  • You can add designs with embroidery or embellishments to decorate it.
Felt pouches


The felt material is easy to use and work it, which is why there are a lot of creative craft ideas to try out. Now that you’ve learnt a bunch from this article expand your unique creativity and create more felt crafting projects with your loved ones and friends. Start that crafting journey now! And add beauty to every piece you touch.

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