Felt Bag – the Full Guide to How to Get the Best Product

Which type of bag do you trust with your essentials?

There is always to be a tough time once you decide to go for a felt bag. Why? You might ask. Well, the reason is this, felt bags are fashion statements and come in various designs, specifications, colours, brands, and features.
It is going to be tough to select a felt bag if you do not know what you want.

It wasn’t easy going through lists and lists of felt bags. But finally, we were able to narrow the search only to provide the best of them for you to only provide you with the best.
Now, we are only referring you to our preference. We are in no way saying that the felt bags in this article are the best of the best, do we get that? Good.

Let us take a look into the conception of this grand fashion craze.

Felt Bag

Section 1: If You Want to Buy a Felt Bag, What Should You Consider?

You don’t need to invest in super, expensive designer bags. Though not everyone can afford them. But if you can, you might as well spend it on some other essential things. Felt bags are beautiful bags you should get, and when buying these bags. There are a few things you should consider before buying them.

khaki color felt bag on woman's shoulder


We know the felt bag made of raw colourless wool. The production process is simple and easy and has no negative impact on the environment. If you’re not interested in containers made from leather, canvas, or whatever. Then you’re going to like the felt bag texture because it looks classic.


He felt bags come in different sizes. It includes Large, medium, and small. All are having the depth to contain different types of personal belongings. They are perfect for city living, not frustrating or bulky if you walk a lot. When you are out and about during the week. You need to carry all your stuff, a large size felt bag got you, as it could hold your PC, planner, notebooks, along with your other personal essentials.

Shape And Structure: The way inflation what you will be carrying in the pocket. When taking slightly heavy things, you would require a structured felt bag.

Personal Taste:

 You don’t need to get all caught up in all the fancy, expensive, bags just because you see people having them. Buy bags because you love them because they complement your lifestyle. That’s why you won’t regret buying a felt bag, because you will eventually like them. They will compliment you and help you convey your things without making it a daunting task.


This is a critical focal point to consider before buying a felt bag. They are considerably affordable and efficient for whatever purpose final consumers have in mind for them.

Section 2: Why do We Need a Felt Bag?

Felt bags are soft containers made out of naturally made fibres, which include wool or animal fur. It could also build from humanmade threads such as acrylic petroleum based also known as acrylonitrile or wood pulp-based rayon. Usually with a handle, in which you carry personal things or clothes or other things that you need for travelling.

In plain words, it is an essential accessory in our daily lives and also a fashion statement as the trend evolves.
Felt made of wool, and wool is the hair gotten from sheep.

Side view of gray felt-fabric female bag

Graf-Lantz Merino Wool Felt Bags:

Graf-Lantz merino wool felt the bag is one of the best-felt pouches that I have ever used. The felt made from a specific breed of sheep called the Merino. Merino wool is a unique felt material that has scored massive points among wool varieties users due to its strength, flexibility, and softness.

It has ultra-fine fibres that allow it to be 50% more flexible than other felt materials. In other words, this bag can expand quite nice to accommodate most of the items you want to carry around.

Produced in some of Germany’s most esteemed factories. There is a blend of sophistication, quality and state of the art designing on offer. It is also quite affordable, which means you don’t have to break into the bank to buy this masterpiece from Graf-Lantz.

Mosiso Felt Bags:

If you are a career person that needs to be with their laptop anywhere you go. Then the MOSSO protective laptop shoulder briefcase felt the bag is your felt bag, anytime and any day.

It is very durable, not easily broken. The unique, trendy design allows your device to have a very functional mode while retaining a fashionable appearance. It ensures you can move around with your laptop in a unique sleek vogue.

Leisure and business travel will use it. Stylish and decent in appearance, and you will find delight and comfort with this bag.

It is a perfect fit for the following laptops;

12.9 inch iPad Pro 2017

2017 HP SPECTRE X360 13.3 Inch 2 in 1

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2 in 1

HP Stream 13, HP Pavilion 14

MacBook Air 13: A1369 / A1466

MacBook Pro 13 with CD-ROM 2008 – Early 2012: A1278

MacBook Pro Retina 13 Late 2012 – 2015: A1425 / A1502

Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 Inch

Surface Laptop 2017

Although, it may not be a snug fit for all computers due to the variations in the sizes of the different models. So it is advisable that you check the dimensions of your laptop before choosing the right bag size. It is also quite affordable.

Large Carryall Felt Bags: This bag offers a high style along with affordable durability for everyday uses.

It has an extended laptop component that is specially designed to fit and protect laptops of various screen sizes up to 15.6 inches.

The physical features include a slot, various in and out pockets, and the sizable main section with a top zipper for opening and closing. This section has enough space to pack for a short trip or an everyday felt bag.

It is compatible with various Apple MacBook Pro designs and Notebook Elitebook PCs, Laptop Computers, all sizes up to 15.6 inches.

It has a 16 x 15 x 5″ dimension, weighs almost 1.7 lbs. The Laptop section is about 15″ long. Laptops fit on the vertical. The extra space allows for smaller laptops to fit.

Stylish young fashionable woman with big gray felt bag and deep blue winter boots. Winter street fashion look

Section 4: Everyone’s View of the Felt Bag

Cleaning the felt bags is a straightforward task. When I spilt something on my first felt bag, I nearly went into a panic frenzy. The stains won’t be cleaned up. When I get the Graf-Lantz felt bag, all I need to do is to give it a little soak, wipe it with a towel.–He Rand

It doesn’t peel. Surface peeling can be such an embarrassing thing to happen to you and your felt bags. Luckily enough, Graf-Lantz felt bags have long fibered felt that are very dense; hence, the reduction of peeling.–William

The felt bag rarely loses its shape. Although certain wet conditions and the pressure of heavy objects inside the bag can cause the felt bags to change way slightly. You can run a steamer lightly over the general area of the bag and return it to its original form. –Millie

Section 5: Do you Know How to Clean the Felt Bag?

Felt bags requires little maintenance. It doesn’t absorb liquids quickly due to its natural wool grease and density of the felt pouch. The liquid first remain on the bag surface. Carefully dab the juice with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth.

Wine, oil, and food:

Wet Mix warm water with light detergent and wet the spot well enough till it’s saturated.

Rub the stain lightly and carefully to separate fibres – allow it to wait for 2-3 minutes

Pat, the area, gently and firmly with an absorbent paper towel to remove moisture.

Repeat the previous processes until the stains appear faintly.

Rinse thoroughly till the whole detergent entirely removes

Pat the bag surface well and lay it flat to continue drying.

Dry stains:

The best tool choice to make for dry stains are the lint rollers. – After some moments with an excellent adhesive roller, the dry stains reduce significantly, and the felt bag looks fresh.


When the stain is mud, it is best the clay is allowed to dry. This process is significant for removing fine dirt particles. After drying. Beat the felt bag surface to remove the excess dust. For finishing, vacuum lightly.

When you decide to wash the felt bags with soap, you should dissolve some liquid wool detergent with lukewarm water and then rinse thoroughly.

You can include a dash of vinegar to the last rinse water. Never let the bag soak in the water! To make it dry, you can best put it down or support it well.


Felt Bags are practical and are carrier bags that come with a variety of handles that allow you to carry them with ease.
Every one of them has their unique features and specific functions that made them uniquely different.

But they all have one thing in common. They are quite affordable, versatile, and comfortable for carriage anywhere and anytime.

Now, that you know the different felt bags, make a conscious effort on what you want and get the best buy for your purse and your convenience.


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