Felt Guitar Picks–How to Help You Play More Beautiful Music

There are many different types of guitar picks. You may be surprised to know that a kind of guitar pick is the felt guitar pick. Felt guitar picks are different than the typical plastic and metal picks.

They are softer and not nearly as firm. It is because felt guitar picks perform a completely different function than other guitar picks. 

Including use on different types of strumming instruments like the ukulele and the bass. These instruments need a pick that produces a more mellow, rich tone created by felt guitar picks. If you want to play a more beautiful melody, come with me to look at it!

Felt guitar picks

Section 1: You should know these when buying felt guitar picks

Compared to a typical guitar pick ;

  • The felt guitar pick has an entirely different look and feel.
  •  The felt pick has a different thickness along with a different material. This creates a different type of tone from the instrument you are strumming. The tone sounds mellower and has more depth to it.
  • Unlike typical picks, felt guitar picks are not suitable for attacking the tool. It is the reason the bass and the ukulele use felt guitar picks.

 These felt picks have more excellent give to them. The flexibility of the felt pick lets it glide over the strings more than pulling the rope. In turn, the sound from the instrument is less sharp. In many cases, it is more melodic and soothing.

The different instruments used for the felt guitar picks are the ukulele and the bass. The reason why these picks strum these instruments is that the notes are not meant to be in-your-face the way a rock guitar would be. Also, there is less tension in the strings on the ukulele and the bass. It allows the line to tweak easier and produce a better, more balanced sound. No one rocks hard with these instruments, so having a felt guitar pick perfect fits the purpose of these instruments.

Ukulele uses felt picks often

Section 2: How Much Do You Know About Felt Guitar Picks?

When folks think of a guitar pick, that allows the guitarist to pick the different notes in a great song quickly. The guitar pick itself is a three-sided curved triangle coming to a single point at one abutment of the sides. The point is where the notes strum and this point is where the guitar pick derives its identity and its usefulness. The type of pick that used depends on the instrument played. As explained in the section above, the best tools for felt guitar picks are the bass and the ukulele.

2.1 About the musical style of different instruments

  • Ukulele and the bass

The devices that felt guitar picks work great with are the ukulele and the bass. The bass produces a more nuanced sound with a felt pick. Compared to using fingers to strum or a regular pick, it has a vibration to it produces almost an echo-like sound. It is a fascinating difference.

One of the keys is that the sound from this pick is more mellow and soft. Strumming with this pick works for most types of music played by the bass. It won’t work as well with driving rock, but it will work great for more mellow music.

The ukulele has a distinctive sound, and like the bass fingers strum the strings. Using a felt guitar pick on the ukulele produces that same pleasant resonance and gives it more depth. Instead of the notes sounding as sharp, they come in a little more softer and linger a bit more.

  •  jazz

Another great use of felt guitar picks is for jazz. When playing great jazz, it is not supposed to sound clean and crisp. The felt guitar pick is the ability to have an echo to the notes along, gives that feeling of improvisation central to jazz.

So, the logical question is what type of music is ideal for the use of felt picks. If the music requires fast picking, then it is not the right type of music for a felt pick. Instead, a progressive type of rock or more folk-style music is perfect for using felt guitar picks. This music does not require the notes to be as precise. There is more room for improvisation in these styles.

Felt guitar picks provide ideal sound from the bass

Section 3: Advantages of the Felt Guitar Picks

There are several reasons that bassists and folks playing the ukulele love the felt guitar pick. Many of these reasons involve the texture and the rigidity of the pick. These advantages directly relate to the type of music played on the instruments.

  •  The first is the material. The felt on the guitar pick is not as smooth as the texture on the metal or plastic guitar pick. Instead. The felt has a little more friction than these more conventional picks. This friction is designed to help create a more nuanced, textured note.
  • The other benefit provided by the material is a comfort. The content is comfortable to hold and doesn’t get sick like the other picks. If playing the instrument often. Then there is a good chance that the plastic or metal pick wears and bends compared to the felt pick under similar usage.
  •  The second advantage is that the pick is more comfortable to handle than the traditional picks. It is easier to grip the pick and manipulate it, especially when your hands get a little sweaty after playing a long time.
  •  The third advantage is the rigidity of the felt guitar pick. These picks are far more pliable than the other picks that are more familiar to guitar players. Flexibility is an essential element. Playing an instrument like the bass or ukulele requires a softer touch. The lack of rigidity to the felt pick gives musicians a few different ways to play the same note. Because you can firm up your grip on the pick or loosen it to produce different tones.
Guy playing bass is a real-world application for felt pick


Here are some suggestions for using felt guitar picks:

  •  UMass Around with the Pick: Don’t try to play the instrument the way you would with a regular pick. Use the edges of the felt picks differently to find an exciting sound.
  •  I keep a Tuned Ear: There are subtle differences between the felt guitar pick and the regular pick, play the notes with both and keep your ear open for the difference so you can enjoy the different tones.

Section 4: Social Comments on Felt Guitar Picks

Here are some comments from folks about felt guitar picks:

Here are some comments from parents about felt guitar picks:

My awesome brother got me a felt guitar pick for Christmas. I’M FREAKING STOKED TO TRY IT OUT!!!!! Thanks. It helped me play a better listening—-Pitt

Finally got a felt guitar pick for my ukulele thanks to Frank–William

When I received the felt guitar pick, I thought it was normal, but it was straightforward to use. I think I will fall in love with it and help me to take the professional guitar exam—Julie

Ukulele uses felt guitar picks

Section 5: An Alternative to the Felt Guitar Picks You to Know

While using a felt guitar pick, it is easy to see why it’s fun to use. However, here are some alternatives to felt guitar picks worth considering:

  •  Metal Guitar Picks: This pick works for typical rock guitars. Because of its sturdiness, it is a great pick to attack. Many famous rock guitarists use metal picks because they provide the control and precision required for fast playing.
  •  Hard Plastic Pick: The plastic pick is the most ubiquitous among guitar players. These are relatively cheap, and the good news is they are easy to find. Many skilled amateurs prefer these picks because they do not alter the tone too much and are very easy to control.
  •  Fingers: Using your fingers to pick is the cheapest way to play any string instrument. There is a lot of value in using your fingers because you can customise the type of sound coming out of your device.
Playing the bass again – used for felt picks


There are many different reasons that you should try a felt guitar pick instead of the regular pick, especially if you are playing the ukulele or the bass. These instruments have different tones than the regular guitar and benefit from the felt guitar picks considerably. With the difference in tonality along with the lack of sharpness in the notes, it’s easy to see why after folks try felt guitar picks, they’re interested in using them again and again.

Get a great experience with felt guitar picks today. Check out some of the different brands out there and see how your music will change thanks to these great tools.

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