How to Choose the Right Felt Rug Pad for You

It’s quite unfortunate that fewer quality rugs have taken a lot from your pocket, but the good news for you today is that felt rug pad is ready to proffer lasting solutions to all your needs.

Of course, it is not impossible that you have some levels of doubt due to the negative feedbacks from other rugs, but if you would permit me, I will take you through the journey of it made of durable and sound insulation to relieve pressure; offer environmental protection that has gained recognition from famous designers around the world. Let’s get started.

felt rug pad

Section 1: Questions to Consider Before Buying a Felt Carpet

Without gainsaying, felt rug pad was made to solve ravaging rug problems caused by foot traffic and daily wears, which particularly extend the life of the carpet. So in case you are considering getting an environmentally friendly carpet, you should hasten to purchase one of this. It will help you live a modern-friendly life.

However, as impressive as this may be, there are few questions you must provide answers to before going for it.

First of all, a question like “where do I lay the carpet on the board or marble floor?” is essential in determining the floor and felt rug pad compatibility. It will help you to avoid sensitivity to some chemicals.

Another question is the thickness of the rug pad you want; rug pad thickness can somewhat determine its rate of performance and safety;

Which leads us straight to the last question, which is how to ensure security such as static elasticity and smell because of babies? Before purchasing a felt pad, you must answer all these questions. Thumbs up if you have done that!

felt rug pad

Furthermore, not everyone should go for a felt rug pad, yes! Those who do not desire cushion and insulation should not near, because it provides durable and sound insulation and cushion.

Also, it is not a non-slip rug pad, and will not prevent rugs from shifting. The ideal customers for this felt rug pad are those who not only seek high-quality rug protection and pads which prevent moisture build up and hypo-allergic.

And like I mentioned earlier, the environmental protection our product provides is beyond what you can imagine.

Section 2: Felt Rug Pad You Need to Know

By and large, you must understand clearly what felt rug pad is and what you stand to gain from purchasing one for your rug. they are excellent rug pads that offer extra support and cushion to rugs and provide durable insulation that meets home’s needs.

When compared with PVC rug pads that cause additional problems to floors such as discoloration, you will realize that it is by far better in functionality.

Also, when compared with rubber rug pads which cannot provide insulation as much as felt rug pad, you will even realize that the felt pads are indeed a must-have for every home.

The table below gives a brief explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the product, although I will talk extensively on the benefits as we proceed.

felt rug pad

Section 3: Functions and Uses of Felt Rug Pad

After knowing these advantages, it is time to talk about the functions of a felt rug pad. Kindly follow carefully as I will be explaining the stand-out features of the product. Do you know that Asia will make a lot of felt carpets, and they deliver premium protections? It is available in different sizes and is safe to use with hardwood and some other products.

Floor Protection: 

Felt carpet mat protects the floor from dents and scratches on heavy furniture legs and prevents wear on the back of rough carpets. Some types of rugs, especially hand and jute, can scratch the floor and should always be paired with a felt pad.

Sometimes, levels go through stress, but it is protected when paired with a rug pad. Felt Rug pad resists the pressure caused by penetrations of high foot wears due to its firmness and density, which have well proven are to take care of such demand. It is chemical and adhesive free and will not damage hard surface flooring.

felt rug pad

Durable and Sound Insulation:

we all know that the demand for heat, which is now on the rise can be as a result of an unsatisfactory condition created by cold floors. Some carpets can generate a lot of static electricity and even cause children to cry. Felt rug pad provides durable insulation that is soothing.

If the noise has always been the trouble for you, it is also the perfect solution because it has noise reduction features and can absorb the impact that the noise causes.

felt rug pad

Carpet Protection:

felt rug pad can extend the life span of carpet, as a matter of fact; it offers more protection to rugs than any other rug pad. Be it rubber or PVC product is the most effective.

Pressure caused by foot traffic and daily wear reduces the efficiency of carpet and cause unnecessary wear, however, it is firm and dense enough to resist the pressure and retain the ability of the carpet. they are an excellent addition to rug and floors generally. It also traps dirt in one place. No odor, no mildew!

Prevents Accident: 

felt rug pads protect babies from m accident from direct contact with tile or floor. Most importantly, it keeps your carpet from wrinkles and

Felt rug pads had been found useful in quite several purposes, ranging from sound reduction, illumination of home décor, insulation against t cold floor, and making rooms more comfortable. In choosing, felt rug pads, the pad should be a little bit smaller than the rug to allow the carpet to hold firmly to the floor.

Although many of the felt pads come in fixed sizes, you can still trim them to suit your desired size. Rugs are known to be into different categories, and this is the same for pads, they are into different sizes as mentioned earlier which include; 9 ×12, 8 × 10, 8 × 11, 7 × 10, to mention a few.

Section 4: How do You Think About the Felt Rug Pad?

“I like this very much for area rug on my wooden floors. I got another brand that was supposed to be non-slip for rug other n wooden floor, but it had one very scratchy side. I am comfortable the felt pad protect my rug from excessive wear. I also like the felt pad size is slightly larger than the cut as described.” – e Vestigo

“This rug pad is very thick and makes our wool rug feel even more cushioned and comfortable to walk on. The pad fits perfectly under the rug! I couldn’t be happier.” – Inspector 12

I believe by now; you should no doubt about the qualities of the felt rug pad and its potentials in providing a solution to your rug issues. But, if you would still prefer to go for another, I have carefully arranged a list, and the alternatives you can choose are listed below.

Section 5: Alternative Products-Felt Rug Pad

Rubber Rug Pads:

generally felt and rubber pads function better than either felt only or only pads. Nonetheless, rubber pads are good rug pads that offer exceptional grip and a little cushion.

They are as dense as felt rug pad and also excellent at protecting carpets. If you are looking to decorate your bedroom or hallway, I would recommend rubber rug pads over and over again. It comes in different sizes, and the prices depend on the producer, but it is lesser when compared with a felt rug pad. Combined pads are decent and better pillows.

felt rug pad

PVCs Rug pads: 

unlike every other rug pads, PVC rug pads are fully synthetic pads that provide anchor and grip on rugs. Although they made of chemicals that may adversely affect carpets and hardwoods, nonetheless, some of them are eco-friendly. Concerning the pricing, I would recommend this only if you are not financially buoyant; it is cheap but not ideally perfect for floors.

Polyester and Vinyl: 

this is perfect for a carpeted floor because other rugs made for hardwood may not be practical as expected. Polyester and vinyl rug pads prevent mats from wrinkles and prevent underneath wear. The prices are relatively fair, and you can place your order via several retail outlets.


Before, I drop my pen; I would like to remind you that all your worries about slipping rug, noise as a result of poor insulation, etc. can be solved by making use of the right rug pad. Felt rug pad is not one of those rug pads; it is an excellent eco-friendly rug pad that is capable of providing solutions to your doubts. So, if you are purchasing a new rug or perhaps you are replacing your old carpet with new, you might consider getting a suitable felt rug pad with it. Click here to get yours today! Should you have a question about the explanations I have made above, feel free to contact us! Have an encounter with a firm world with our durable felt rug pad

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