Felt Furniture Pads – Do You Know How to Protect Your Home?

Now and then I want to restructure my home by changing the position of one furniture or the other. I found that I scratched my wooden floor.

The scratches caused by the reorganization have destroyed the overall prospects of my family. And they are often permanent. In the end, I began to find ways to solve this common dilemma for a long time.

With the world wide web at my disposal.With the world wide web at my disposal. I started my search and finally stumbled upon the Felts Furniture Pads.

Felt furniture mat on the home

Section1: Want to Buyfelt Furniture Pads, We Need to Consider

When you understand the role of felt furniture mats, if you want to buy. I think you should think about some issues.

In the next article, we have provided several design choices. The decision is yours to make concerning your selection of felt board pads (either the self-adhesive, slip-on or the tap-in/nail-in ones). Below is a breakdown of the different options of felt furniture pads available to help your decision making;

Self-Adhesive Furniture Pads

This category of felt furniture pads is the most common type available. It can be attached to our furniture’s easily and quickly. Its self-adhesive property helps it to stay firm on the furniture piece. Due to the high density felt, the pads do not get fluffy with time. They last for months to come, even with regular movements of the chairs. The glue is super durable, so, the felt pads do not slip off chair legs. An additional benefit of using this type of pads is the simplicity in application. Through two simple steps to add these self-adhesive pads: peel the tape off and stick it to your furniture.

Nail-in or Tap-in Furniture Pads

Nail-in or tap-in furniture pads are a more permanent solution. It is sometimes not a preferred solution as overtime, the felt wears away, and the nail begins to scratch the floor. Some sports-restricted furniture, such as beds, appliances or chests of drawers.

However, your choice of furniture pad can be determined by how often you move your furniture. Regardless of which type of pillow you buy or make, make sure that your furniture is level on the floor. If it’s not, it can scratch the floors. Also, ensure that a good cleaning routine is maintained and that your floors are clean and dirt-free at all times. Because no matter how durable your furniture pads are. They won’t be able to protect your floors efficiently if they are always dirty.In the next section we will introduce the specific role of felt furniture mats.

Suitable felt furniture pads

Section 2:Let’s Take a Look at the Role of Felt Furniture Pads.

Before you understand the specific role, do you know what its main ingredients are? Made out of polyester, the felt furniture pad comes in different shapes, especially in squares and in circles. It varies in size but can be easily cut out to your desired size. Undoubtingly, the felt furniture pad has proven to be a lasting solution to the problem of floor scratch. Felt furniture mats will appear in many places, and we will introduce the next.

Scratch Elimination

As there is no beauty in scrapes and dents, there is a need for a means to reduce its occurrence. You would not wait until the floor is disfigured all over before seeking a solution. It is better to proffer a solution before anything happens to your hardwood flooring. The felt furniture pad can be used to eliminate scratch occurrences and creates a layer between your beautiful floor and your furniture piece. It can be installed on tables, beds, desks, dressers, chests, couches, and sofas as well.

We will use the felt furniture pads to protect your floor from scratches. They also reduce the noise created by a moving chair as well as help the chair to glide smoothly on different types of floors without damaging them.

Noise Reduction

You may need to move a piece of furniture without having to involve another hand. There is no way to do this noiselessly. In some cases, the considerable sound produced by such furniture can become noise pollution. Our main aim would now be to reduce this noise or possibly eliminate it.

The felt furniture pad due to its soft layers of fabric makes this movement almost silent. It helps deaden the noise caused by the gliding furniture.

Noise affects discomfort

Extend floor life

The use of felt pads is a simple, inexpensive way to lengthen the lifespan of your floor finishes, mainly hardwood.They are thick and dense and can, therefore, withstand heavy-duty use for home as well as the office. They will provide you with peace of mind, and you can rest assured your floor is protected.

Protect the wooden floor and enjoy the perfect home

Section3: How to Install the Felt Furniture Pads

I thought that it really solved many problems in life. Would you like to buy it now to protect your floor? Don’t worry, you have to know how to install it. This seems to be a technical problem. Let me introduce it in detail.

Although no tools (self-adhesive) when installing certain types of felt. They are necessary for another (clicks/nail). Some tools that be needed are; hammer – to ensure it stays firm, scissors – to trim out excesses. The steps below show the installation process of the felt pads;

Place the piece of furniture on its side and ensure the surface of the installation is clean and smooth; this helps the pad stay firm on the furniture.

Remove the adhesive back and centrally place the pad on the surface. Press firmly for about 10secs to ensure it sticks on the cover properly

Gently tap on the installed pad with a hammer.

This process holds for both slip on and taps on felt furniture pads. If an error occurs during the installation process. All you need to do is take an object that can easily cut materials (a knife is sufficient) and carefully cut it between the points where the pad and the furniture connects.

Section 4: We Found a Comment on Felt Furniture Mats

Here are a few comments about the Felt furniture pad on social media and other online shopping platforms;

We had hardwood floors installed and need these protectors for all our furniture, including beds, tables, chairs, and dressers. The protectors came in a variety of sizes, and they are self-adhesive. They can be cut to shape as well. I have not had one fall off in the month that I have had them. I would recommend them as they are reliable and affordable. – Lurch098

“I moved to a house with hardwood floors, and these things are mandatory there. I found these through random searching; they were a reasonable price, and work an absolute treat. They protect the floors, and as a lovely bonus, make even large furniture slide around like it was on the ice. The pack comes with enough sizes and shapes to fit just about anything. I would order these again. – London noise

Section 5: Provide Some Useful Tips

Several models of felt furniture mats

There are quite several ways you can use the felt furniture pad to your advantage; it all depends on your “furniture creativity.” Regardless of the furniture size and structure, there is a corresponding felt furniture pad that fits perfectly. Below are dimensions of the felt furniture pads that can be purchased;

  • 2.75-inch x 2.75 inch Square Felt Pads
  • 2 inch (51 mm) Circle Felt Pads
  • 1.5 inch (38 mm) Circle Felt Pads
  • 1.2 inch (30 mm) Circle Felt Pads
  • 1 inch (25 mm) Circle Felt Pads
  • 0.75 inch (19 mm) Circle Felt Pads
  • 0.5 inch (12 mm) Circle Felt Pads

All the sizes above have a standard thickness. They are all 0.15 inches (4 mm) thick.

You should not be bothered if the pad would stick or not because it is going to stick.

Not the same felt furniture pads


Finally, felt furniture pads give your home a more presentable outlook as it serves as a lasting solution to floor scratch problems. The ability to rest assured every moment you are trying to restructure or move furniture’s around can only be attributed, Because there is a felt furniture mat under each piece of furniture. 

We should not underestimate the felt furniture mats.

Because it plays a vital role in the maintenance of the floor and the overall beautification of the family.

Another important reason why you should not shy away from the felt furniture pad is the comfort that it presents not only to your furniture’s and floors but also to your home in general.

Click here for more details on how to get your felt furniture pads.

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