The Magic Of The All-Natural Wool Dryer Balls-Truth or a Farce

Some years back, I was in the laundry section of the mall with a close friend of mine. My eyes were roaming for my usual dryer sheets and fancy fabric softener when it caught a cute little box packed with wool dryer balls on the corner.

My friend, seeing through my apparent confusion, reached for it and exclaimed at my oblivion to the new wool dryer balls. I must leave under some rock, I suppose! Because she told me about so many laundry problems, wool dryer balls had helped her solve that I became hell-bent on getting one myself. Plus, it is all green and natural. What could be better?

It spouted a knowledge thirst in me, and I started reading and watching so many videos on the amazing benefits of the wool dryer balls. My research led me to the common mistakes made while using it and some awesome top facts that I’m willing to share with you today. Does it work? Relax and find out as you read!

wool dryer balls

Section 1:Things you Should Consider Before Using Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer balls are generally made to speed up the drying process. They came in a variety of sizes and made of different materials. Other types include the plastic and rubber dryer balls. The most popular is the wool drying ball, which I will talk about extensively.

Unlike the widely used drying sheets, they are made up of natural material and are biodegradable, which makes them all the more attractive.

Wool dryer balls are a money saving and can last very long. IThis depends in no small extent on their use. You should consider replacing them when they start unweaving and looking scraggly. Though, they are felted and durable, which makes them less prone to threading out.

They also have this fluff and luscious feel to them. Wool dryer balls might turn out to be the solution to your static and always clinging clothes.

Woman satisfied with her laundry

Section 2:How do Wool Dryer Balls Work?

The trick is simple! When you throw in a massive wad of wet clothes into a dryer, they cling together and take time to dry a bit before warm air can circulate easily through them.

With the use of wool dryer balls, these clothes easily separate in the dryer and hot air flows through more efficiently, saving drying time. They tumble around in the dryer, removing as much moisture as possible from your clothes.

They are also continually commoving against the fibers of your clothes and linens, removing wrinkles, which gives the clothes a softer feel when out of the dryer. The amount of time saved will depend on the number of wool dryer balls used.

Wool dryer balls in a tumble dryer

Section 3:Do You Know Wool Dryer Balls, is it Environmentally Friendly?

One of my primary interest was knowing just how natural and eco-friendly these balls were. The manufacturers felt the balls into 100% wool gotten from sheep. They shear the animals properly with no form of cruelty during the process. There are no harmful chemicals, dyes, or toxins used. The entire process is purely organic!

You can also make wool dryer balls from the privacy of your homes with the right materials. It’s that easy!

All you need is a skein of 100% wool yarn, scissors, nylons, a crochet needle and a string to secure the wool. It’s a straightforward process. You can even take to watching your favorite TV show while at it.

The link to the video below would be more useful in learning this process and how to felt the balls.

Section 4: How to Use Wool Dryer Balls?

No one works best in a crowd. A few people like musicians, movie stars, and public speakers beg to differ, but our new favorite dryer ball happens to be part of the vast majority that performs better and faster with a little crowd.

Based on the principle explained earlier, wool dryer balls work by causing hot air to flow through the clothes more efficiently. You achieve this by placing the clothes in batches, as opposed to large clumps.

Wool dryer balls need room to work. Grab out 3 Xl balls or 6 regular sized balls and throw it in with your moderate sized laundry. The process is straight forward, and the balls start working off magic on their own
Wool dryer balls are unscented. Although some of us prefer our clothes to come out with a sweet-smelling savor and there’s a little trick to that.

Splash a few essential oils on the balls and let them soak in before throwing them in. Take proper care while using essential oils to ensure that the dryer is not overly heated. It is done to prevent fire, but when used the right way, it gives splendid results.

Sometimes while using the dryer balls, I noticed some form of static between my clothes. It was shared on occasions when I forgot to set a timer, and my clothes ended up drying for too long. Overdrying clothes can cause electric static, making the clothes cling together.

Washing synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, and acrylic with other fabrics can also cause static. Make sure you separate synthetic materials from the others during the drying process.

Another easy fix is to spray the dryer balls with water before throwing them in the dryer. The wool dryer balls become so dense, and this elevates humidity in the dryer, causing the clothes to dry faster.

Use essential oils with caution

Section 5:Benefits of the Wool Dryer Balls

Some of the reasons why you should get wool dryer balls are;

● They reduce drying time by quickening the process. It not only saves your time but also saves energy and electricity, as the dryer will be working for a shorter period.

● Wool dryer balls made from 100% wool yarn increase softness and reduce static in the dryer. Be sure to know that the wool you’re using is 100%. Do not use wool labeled ‘Machine washable’ or ‘superwash.’

● The entire process is all-natural and eco-friendly with no form of chemicals and toxin. It is perfect for improvement of your overall health as you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting to your skin.

● They soften clothes naturally.

● They last very long and can be used repeatedly until they start threading out. It is also a cost saving process.

Helps you save money

Section 6:Why are They Preferred Over Other Drying Methods?

Wool dryer balls versus drying sheets and fabric softeners

Drying sheets are pieces of non-woven synthetic materials coated with quaternary ammonium compounds or a silicone oil-based fabric softener. Coating transferred to the clothes through the heat of the dryer makes them softer to feel. This coating left on clothes is toxic, especially for children. It also makes the fabrics more flammable and less-absorbent to water. Wool drawer balls are made from purely natural sources, eliminating the risk of harmful chemicals getting to your clothes.

Dryer sheets also leave its residues in the dryer, making it less efficient in the long run, increasing energy output. These residues can also clog your dryer’s lint screen preventing clothes from drying properly. Wool dryer balls are energy conserving and do not give rise to these complications.

Dryer sheets and fabric softeners contain additional scented chemicals. According to a recent survey, consumer scented right products emitted more than 100 volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Federal laws classify some of these as hazardous and toxic.

Dryer sheets are also pretty expensive and have to be disposed of after every use, unlike the wool dryer balls that can be re-used for a long time.

Wool dryer balls versus plastic balls

Plastic nuts are not natural, and they tend to make a lot of clattering noise while in use. Note that, wool dryer balls specifically and not just dryer balls are the main subject.

Dryer sheets being held out

Section 7: Social Comments on Wool Dryer Balls

Here are some comments from other users like me about wool dryer balls;

‘I bought these dryer balls as a spur of the moment decision and have been very happy that I did. They are solid but soft and about the size of a large orange or small grapefruit. They are a permanent fixture in my dryer and have helped keep my laundry soft, and unless I overload the dryer, they do help reduce the dry time. I have also added scented oils to the dryer balls with success’ -Knighton

‘I love these dryer balls. No more chemical softeners. I am happy with the product. I always used dryer sheets- so I was surprised to discover that static is not a problem. The balls are not as noisy as I feared, and my clothes dry quicker. It is no longer a chore to evenly dry large items.’ -Cindy

Clean laundry with non-toxic wool balls


Switching up to wool dryer balls will not only do well on your budget and minimize time wasting doing laundry but also eliminate the risk of harmful chemicals and toxins. You need not worry about residues on your clothes and dryer.

This process also conserves energy. Yes! Wool dryer balls might be the magical spark you need in your laundry at the moment. Why not take that leap?

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