How to Attach Felt to Fabric: Effective Methods for Long Lasting Results

Attaching felt to fabric is a valuable skill for any crafter.

Felt can add texture, color, and interest to your projects.

It’s easy to work with and can work in various applications.

Let’s look at how to attach felt to fabric without sewing.

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How to Attach Felt to Fabric Temporarily’ without Sewing?

flower felt samples

flower felt samples

You have many options to attach felt to the fabric.

Fusible Tape

Fusible tape works like glue. It partners effectively with lightweight fabrics.

Not to mention, it’s flexibility and varied availability makes it an excellent option for projects. 

To use fusible tape, place the tape along the edges of the felt. Press over the fusible with an iron for an instant bond.

It will cause the sticky sides to melt into the fabric.

Always use medium heat to avoid damage to the material. Then let the felted fabric sit for a few days before use.

The fusible tape will hold it until you’re ready to remove it.

Fusible Web

The fusible web has a much stronger bond than fusible tape and works best on heavier fabrics.

Start by tracing the pattern onto the paper side of the web and cutting it out.

Peel off the paper on one side and iron it onto the fabric. Then place the felt on top and iron again until secure.

Fabric Glue

no sewing machine needed

, no sewing machine needed

Fabric glue works quickly and efficiently to attach felt to the fabric. Fabric glue works for any fabric, even heavy materials.

Apply the glue to the edges of the felt and press it into place on the fabric. Let it sit for at least 24 hours to allow the glue to dry. 

Once it’s dried, you can use the felt-fabric combination as needed. Fabric glue works great for those who don’t feel comfortable using an iron.

Try to avoid letting the glue stick to your finger. Wear gloves. Use a squeeze bottle to make the application easier. 

Fusible Adhesive

The fusible adhesive works similarly to fusible tapes. However, you need to use some form of heat or steam to melt the sticky side onto the fabric.

Once you’ve melted the adhesive, place the felt on top and press it into place. 

Or you can put the adhesive between the materials.

Then iron the fabrics until the adhesive melts. Set it aside to cool for a few days. Avoid washing until after the waiting period.

Hot Glue

Hot glue works best for those who have to attach felt quickly.

It works best on lightweight fabrics. Apply the glue to the edges of the felt.

Then, press the fabric onto it until the glue melts into a strong bond. Be careful not to burn yourself as you’re working. 

You can also use a tool like a glue gun for more precise application. Remember that hot glue doesn’t provide a long-lasting bond. 

Which Is the Best Glue for Felt?

wear protective gloves when felting

wear protective gloves when felting

Now let’s look at the best glue for felt.

Fabric Glue

Fabric glue can work on any fabric, and it applies easily. It’s also great for those looking for a strong, lasting bond. However, drying thoroughly and set can take up to 24 hours. 

Hot Glue

Hot glue attaches felt to fabric quickly. It’s great for those who need something done quickly and on a budget.

As mentioned before, you will likely need to reattach the felt again in a few weeks or months.

Industrial Permanent Glue

Industrial permanent glue works best for those looking for a long-term solution.

It is also the most secure option, as it will hold the felt in place even after multiple washes.

However, using it proves more complex and often requires special equipment.

Understanding How to Attach Felt to Fabric

glue in a squeeze bottle

Glue in a squeeze bottle

Attaching felt to fabric can seem difficult when you don’t know how. But with the right tools, you can enjoy the process.

Fusible tape, fusible web, fabric glue, and hot glue are all good options.

Consider which one best suits your needs and get to creating!

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