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How to Wash Alpaca Wool Blanket Without Sacrificing Its Quality

cozy alpaca wool blanket

How to Wash Alpaca Wool Blanket Without Sacrificing Its Quality? Alpaca wool is perfect for keeping you warm and cozy but tricky to clean. Blankets made from this luxurious material need special care to maintain their softness and warmth. Though they outlast other materials, washing them incorrectly can damage the fibers.  Once this happens, your …

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Wool Dryer Balls: How Long Do They Last?- All You Must Know

Person using wool dryer balls

These days, wool dryer balls have become a welcome alternative to the once-popular dryer sheets and chemical-laden fabric softeners. Aside from being pocket-friendly and eco-friendly, they also help to shorten drying time and prevent static cling. However, they are so small that people often wonder, “how long do wool dryer balls last?” This article will …

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Does Merino Wool Itch? All You Need To Know

A merino sheep

Does Merino Wool Itch? Merino wool is a soft, luxurious, and highly-priced wool.  It is a highly-coveted fiber amongst outdoor enthusiasts due to its exceptional warmth and moisture-wicking properties.  However, since merino wool is still a type of wool, people often believe it causes itchiness. This concern raises the salient question: Does merino wool itch? …

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Can You Add Essential Oils to Wool Dryer Balls: The Sweetest Smell in Every Load

laundry room with dryer

Can You Add Essential Oils to Wool Dryer Balls? Essential oils have a positive reputation due to their antibacterial and antifungal properties and pleasant aromas.  Today they work as an ideal addition to wool dryer balls. Adding essential oils to your dryer balls can leave each laundry load with a pleasant smell lasting for weeks.  …

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