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Why Is Merino Wool So Expensive Is It Worth My Money?

plaid merino blanket

Why Is Merino Wool So Expensive? All consider merino wool to be premium wool. It’s soft, warm, light, and fashionable; everything a person wants from their clothing. However, if you come across a merino wool garment, you will first notice the near-outrageous price tag. Well, everything beneficial comes with a high price. So, if you …

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Alpaca vs. Merino Wool – Which Is The Better One?

cozy alpaca blanket

Alpaca vs. merino wool has ruled the industry for many years, and rightfully so, considering their many beneficial features.  These wools are soft, lightweight, and warm for your skin. Therefore both will make good choices for you. However, if you are a person that only wants the best, read on to find out about alpaca …

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